Why do my Posts Right Here Not Answer YOUR Questions on the Subject?

They are not meant to!

Most (I still think they are a majority) involve debate. I am answering the questions and arguments raised by the other debaters, as they come.

A very large minority are comments on youtube videos - and I am answering the arguments raised in the video, not the arguments you would like to know on a topic.

It could be the same, but also could not be. If you felt like asking the above question, you are probably one of the guys for which one of the posts or more of them have not coincided with your take on a subject.

If debate and commenting on videos doesn't interest you, I have other blogs, where I am mainly not doing that.

Three apologetic blogs:

Creation vs. Evolution, somewhere else, Great Bishop of Geneva!

Present main blog:

New blog on the kid

Longstanding geek blog:


And the rest of them:

Huius autoris bloggi

Though some very few of them do have a similar structure to this one./HGL

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