I think I wrote a mistaken word somewhere on youtube - or perhaps not

I wrote that first day and sixth day of creation can have been shorter. God may have created light at an angle (if there was one) of nine o'clock rather than of six o' clock in the morning. That might be true, sub meliori iudicio Sancte Matris Ecclesie, but I also said something else, I think: that the sixth day ended when Adam thought it was Sabbath. However, the Bible says the sixth day ended Saturday morning rather than Friday evening. So either the seventh day overlapped for twelve hours with the sixth, or it was shorter, or it was only later that evenings (liturgically referred to as First Vespers in Latin Rite or as Great Vespers in Byzantine Rite) became the beginning of each date./HGL

PS, I write it here, because I was just unable to find the youtube comment thread under which I wrote a falsehood./HGL

PPS, Genesis 2:2 in Douay Rheims with Haydock:

And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made: *and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done.

Comment includes the words:

On the seventh day, at the beginning of this verse, must be taken exclusively, as God finished his work on the 6th, whence the same Septuagint and Syriac have here on the 6th day. (Haydock) --- But the Hebrew and all the other versions agree with the Vulgate. (Calmet) --- The similarity of ver. 6 and ver. 7 in Hebrew may have given rise to this variation. (Haydock)

Would that mean that God resting already on the Sixth Day thereby made its space from evening to morning part of the Sabbath?/HGL

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