Dialoguing Mainly with Adversaries

Damien Mackey - who is, on the main, not an adversary - wrote this in an introductory passage in his thesis*:

My then supervisor, Dr. Noel Weeks, had been at pains to impress upon me the need for such a dialogue between the conventional and revisionist points of view; a piece of good advice that has recently been proposed to me again by a different source, along the lines that: ‘Whilst an author might have every right to conduct a dialogue with those who share his presuppositions, an academic thesis must engage with standard scholarship even when that scholarship is held to be incorrect’.

I am very much inclined to agree.

While I have debated with him and other creationists, this blog, and part of the correspondence blog too, is mainly about debate with my adversaries - so is its French sister blog Répliques Assorties.

Some adherents of the standard views have preferred to avoid debate with me.

And when it can be shown they have not debated with me, some can assume I had avoided debating them, which is generally not the case.

I have however also debated their online papers.

Others have indeed debated me - but their names are usually less famous, and these dialogues are found on these two blogs.

For Alexander Sokolnik whom I debate in this message ...

Debate under one of my comments to previous
[Previous being here [comments on] Testing Geocentrism, Part 2]

... I do not know what academic discipline he is, and on FB his accounts only allow me to add him friend, not to send him any message previously to so adding him. This is not a fixed setting, most profiles** do allow strangers to send each other messages, and then these will come to a special folder.

So, he is less famous than people like AronRa*** and Erik Høg° who have had shorter and shyer interactions with me, or such who have avoided them altogether, like Universidad de Salta°°.

However, perhaps some guy has come across my French booklet on Geocentrism ...

Starting here, with printing sheets for subsequent double sided copying and folding:
antimodernista : Géocentrisme, pp. 1-8

... and seen one of the pages where I said I had a difference with a fellow Geocentric, namely RickDeLano, and concluded I do all my dialogue with fellow Geocentrics like Rick DeLano. Not so, even for same booklet's readers having read nothing else by me, there are lots of matters touched on which have come across my attention through dialogue with Heliocentrics, and specifically this matter too:

Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : Asking an Erudite for Optical Proof

But also, this booklet, though one of the earlier and still feeble attempts to get my texts into sth like print (though amateurish, by photocopies), is far from being the first thing I actually write.

Some of the oldest items on this blog are dialogues from before this blog existed, back in the times of MSN Group Antimodernism well before I even left Sweden. And they are dialogues with people supporting the standard views.

By the way, back to the quote, I am "an author", not writing "an academic thesis". I am giving more academic objectivity than my status needs, not less. Even more than it seems Academics usually give. I do not only have a now non-standard view which I challenge by a dialogue with adherents of standard view, I also challenge it with dialogues with OTHER and indeed even opposed non-standard views.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Feast of the Most
Precious Blood of Christ

* AMAIC_Final_Thesis.pdf ** On FB, of course.

*** AronRa for once did correspond with me here:

Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : Arguments with AronRa : Flood and Moses, Carbon 14 Rise in Atmosphere, Jesus, Hercules

° Erik Høg did stop a correpondence which started and ended here:

Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : With Erik Høg on Parallax in New Catalogues

°° Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : Yacoraite

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