Wednesday, November 9, 2022

This May Have Been Posted for my Birthday

How to Beat the 3 Tactics of the Devil
Ascension Presents, 6 Sept. 2022

6:04 I once actually was hosted for a night by a former AA.

He gave me the books "12 steps" and "12 principles" so I could check what it was.

And it's gross.

For one, "we came to realise that we had lost control of our lives" is a lie.

No - no one ever had control of his life in the first place. An alcoholic has lost control of one aspect of his life that he used to mostly control, but the fact is, none of us has a control of the situation in the first place. Therefore, none of us can lose it either. I can't say "I wasn't born on creation day and alive to now, so I lost 7167 years of my life by being born too late" - those 7167 years from Creation to 1968 were never mine in the first place. Well, except the last less than a month of 1967, when I was made before Christmas.

7:31 "that's false humility"

Not necessarily. Moses on two occasions said Moses was a very humble person.

However, while he certainly knew one had to be humble before God and that pride was Pharao's fall, it is not necessarily so that he considered his own humility as a virtue.

Both occasions I think, when he wouldn't speak up before Pharao without God giving him a mouthpiece and when he wouldn't speak up against Aaron and Miriam, but God had to do it, the word "humble" seems to mean "shy" or "socially awkward" ...

7:43 given this, what would you consider someone as doing if he:
  • used me as a substitute outlet for his parenting, so he could be thinking of someone else than himself
  • forced me to think of myself, so I cannot think of someone else than myself?

I am on a daily basis thinking of my writing in the sense that I think of the things I write about.

Certain people are on a daily basis forcing me to think of this writer who is myself, and therefore to think about myself.

Would you consider they are doing me a favour?

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