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Reviewing Trey Smith - Genesis, Is it Real? First half of the video

Genesis: Is it Real?
Trey Smith, 25 Nov. 2022

12:21 I think your point about the atmosphere was, it had less Nitrogen comparative to Oxygen?

Nitrogen is what C14 is formed from.

That would be one thing that involved C14 adding up slower than today, especially if much of the carbon from then is also lost.

This is however not automatically the same thing as a lower initial proportion of C14 to C12 which is the actual reason why fossils from then date to 39000 years and older (except when contamination from Uranium make them look somewhat younger).

By contamination from Uranium I don't mean there are chunks or even atoms of Uranium in the bones, I mean that Uranium emitted neutrons that turned Carbon 12 into Carbon 14 (yes that is a process that exists too).

14:04 I think:
  • elephants and mammoths are the same kind, so only one of the forms was on the ark
  • the youngest mammoth bones are in fact way younger than this

However, for my theory to work, either no elephant bones would be dated prehistoric, or the ones that do would still be post-Flood, since developed from mammoths.

Unless, of course, Noah took one couple of each on the ark (or one of each in the couple).

22:36 "was a spoiled little rich kid and he was sent on the HMS Beagle" (omitting the obvious explanation)
"it was a little well to do rich kid with a degree in theology, he didn't have a degree in any science" (omitting the obvious forecast)
"he gets put on that ship by his family in other words, he was the only guy on the boat without a job and his family is trying to find something to do with him"

If having a "real job," and a "real relevant degree" matter so much to you, and if personal initiatives are "the family trying to find something to do with him" rather than himself finding something to do, are you a Christian?

I think the attitude as such is somewhat Nimrodian.

The Hebrews kept Hebrew, because they were the guys who didn't have a job on a certain Tower project.

The end days heros are the guys who, by not taking a mark, at least in one moment of the story, miss out on having - certainly an enterprise of their own, probably even a job, like some who refused a mask or a jab recently were likely to lose a job.

I think your attitude hails from some places in Brooklyn and when you trace it back a generation, from people who would not recognise Christ or His Blessed Mother as what they are, King and Queen of Heavenly Jerusalem.

There are lots of things one could say about Darwin, and just the other guy I said he was already a believer in Lyell who was already a Modernist Semi-Christian who was already combining Christianity of sorts with the ideology of a Deist at Siccar point. In other words, he was already anything but a Bible believer, he was already biassed against the Genesis account.

But stating he had no job is a lie. The expedition was a survey expedition, not a war one. Yes, exactly, Robert FitzRoy actually did want someone to do some kind of science - and back then that was as often amateurs as not. Probably wasn't even a university chair where he could have got a degree - much like the situation is for creationists in Europe, of which I am one.

"The second voyage of HMS Beagle, from 27 December 1831 to 2 October 1836, was the second survey expedition of HMS Beagle, under captain Robert FitzRoy who had taken over command of the ship on its first voyage after the previous captain, Pringle Stokes, committed suicide. FitzRoy had thought of the advantages of having someone onboard who could investigate geology, and sought a naturalist to accompany them as a supernumerary. At the age of 22, the graduate Charles Darwin hoped to see the tropics before becoming a parson and accepted the opportunity. He was greatly influenced by reading Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology during the voyage. By the end of the expedition, Darwin had made his name as a geologist and fossil collector and the publication of his journal (later known as The Voyage of the Beagle) gave him wide renown as a writer."

In the years preceding 1836, the article on Charles Darwin's education show no evidence of immediately preceding doldrums (there had been such back in his second year), and it's made clear he had mentors who were:
  • Anglican clergymen (he was after all studying theology)
  • and who were doing some geology and other stuff as a kind of sideline.
First John Stevens Henslow, then Adam Sedgwick.

In other words, his studies to become a CoE clergyman were running according to plan, and his scientific, if you will, training was part of it.'s_education

It's an article that opens too gushy about how Biblical and Christian the background was, in fact it wasn't, but it gives a more accurate biography than yours.

Which seems to hail from money grabbers who resent people being born to a comfortable life. You know the kind who think "it's not good to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth" ...

29:36 Your claim sounded a bit nude. Not that I doubted it, but it has been said so often as a Creationist talking point, I am sure others would.

I actually calculated volume of earth, graphite of C14, so, volume of earth, times density of normal graphite (took the largest density), times a ratio of 7/6 because that's how much heavier C14 is than C12, then I played around with halflives and multiples of such.

In 595 920 years there is 0.852 598 784 g left, and that's rounding up from a bit more than 0.78 to 0.8 % left after 45 840 years, so, I rounded up this way 13 times to get that much.

And 0.85 g is 0.029 982 87 oz.

30:31 I wonder if this fact (if such) was presented to Yves Coppens was still alive. However, one of the team actually is still alive.

Have you tried contacting a 79 year old man called Donald Carl Johanson?

When I refuted Pascal Picq on language origin and partly Colin Renfrew on carbon dates, meaning he took them for granted, while I give a creationist calibration, I at least tried to contact them.

35:00 sth - spider goats can't raise their small ones on the milk, since the milk production produces spider silk instead ... somewhat gross if you think it through.

42:05 I know there are actual Enki worshippers in Paris.

Some suspect - I am among them - that the murder of Lola was a human sacrifice of Satanism (or if you prefer witchcraft).

After what I know about Babylonian mythology, Anu, Enlil and Enki are a horribily fake version of the Blessed Trinity.

Anu far off, retired.
Enlil angry, wanting - as you mentioned - less people.
Enki devious and wanting to save men from Enlil's wrath. But by means of deception.

I looked up "kingship descended from heaven" and couldn't find whether it was Enlil or Enki who was most connected or both equally.

But Enlil wanting less people and Enki being devious are not directly correct memories from before the Flood, they are in fact distorted theology about the Flood. Enlil sending the flood and Enki warning Utnapishtim. Instead of it being the same true God who both sent actual punishment and provided salvation for 8.

42:31 I think you are confusing Babylonian texts with Carthaginian and Chanaanean practises.

Child sacrifice of Chanaaneans seems to be getting admitted even by some archaeologists (people who when I studied tried to tell me both Bible texts and Livy's texts about Carthage were propaganda). But I don't think it was a Babylonian practise generally.

However, the pre-marital sacrifice of virginity was. While a Hebrew virgin was supposed to remain virgin to the marriage night, a Babylonian virgin seems to have been required by law to lose her virginity in an Ishtar temple before she was considered fit to marry.

Interesting detail. Hebrew culture is a culture of honor. I have found no other culture that promotes honor like how it is written in biblical texts.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@0U8123MTA3 Well, Babylonian culture is also a culture of honour - it just has a very un-Christian sense of it.

44:40 Have you studied Greek tragedy?

I have, as a Classics student. Dito with the Aeneid.

If you look it up, you might find out, most of Greco-Roman myth happened, not before the Flood but (mostly just the centuries) before King David, and it contains no proof that Zeus or Poseidon was the real God, but plenty that whatever appearances they made were either human (Zeus was a Cretan king who banished his father to Italy) or demonic (Poseidon when he posed as father to Theseus - see Hippolytus).

And the scattered world of Greek sovereign city states just before Alexander wasn't the setting, but a more like heavily centralised Mycenaean Greece was.

45:11 Eridu is too late for Tower of Babel. Carbon dates 5000 BC and similar are just a generation or so before Abraham is born.

The real carbon date for Peleg's birth is 8600 BC, when a city in North West Mesopotamia, not far from a place in Turkey known as Çınar, in the province of Diyarbakır, which may have been conquered by Sargon, before he changed the name Akkad into Babilu, but even closer to a city known as Edessa, which has been cast as Ur Kasdim, was abandoned and deliberately covered with sand.

You know ... and they ceased to build the city. - Not exactly the fate of Eridu, but certainly that of Göbekli Tepe.

We can't study Nimrod's manners in writings from there, but other things give a clue. Heads cut off from bodies and stringed on ropes (after trepanation) seem to be a reminder that Nimrod was in fact cruel, and not just - in fact not - an esoteric.

Credits to Ken Griffith and Darrell K. White for Çınar, Diyarbakır. See "An Upper Mesopotamian location for Babel" in Journal of Creation 35(2):69–79, August 2021, and also on creation dot com.

Even if I think they were wrong to take it as the original Babel, rather than as an intermediate location between Nimrod's and Sargon's Babilus.

And even if they don't seem to want to credit me with the alternative theory of Göbekli Tepe.

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