Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Fr. Casey has his sides, but these two videos are good

That's why I find it right to ask him about things I have suffered from other Catholics. Well, not sure if a Novus Ordo who believes the Gospels can involve bad memories on part of the disciples is a Catholic, but on these topics he actually is Catholic.

Real Priest Answers Questions about Confession
Breaking In The Habit, 17th March 2021

One question you didn't answer.
What if I'm afraid of going to a confession bc the father will so priorise our relation and my relation with God that it becomes once again impossible to get me a wife while having a confessor, and what if I would prefer getting a wife first, even if we have to marry at the Church door, so the next time I get to confession, there is no longer any singlehood the father confessor can be tempted to prolong, to "work on me"?

One of your answers kind of tells the penitent to turn himself in, not to the police, but to things like shrinks.

You recommended serious scrupulosity to get "professional help"

Now, there is a communication problem. I have been through. Yes, there were indeed things I was unduly scrupulous of back when I converted, but the number one reason the fathers confessor kept calling me scrupulous and telling me to shut up was basically:

  • last confession I hadn't managed to get through, that WHILE I had pushed myself to in principle be willing to regret the desire to marry as a sin against a vocation, I most certainly would have PREFERRED to get no vocation, to get about getting married
  • and I was blaming myself for not having clarified this
  • while the priests for two different reasons and in two different ways shut out all of my attempts to wheedle myself out of a vocation OUTSIDE of confession

Priest A - "be brave"
Priest B - turns this "confidence" into a confessional conversation, ending in absolution and therefore in this preferrence getting stamped with the seal of confession, so everyone could go on and on an on considering me as a vocation - and I had to get along with it.

Real Friar Answers Questions about the Vows
Breaking In The Habit, 25th Nov. 2020

1:53 Quick calculation you make for your house 2333 USD per month and you get 200 USD in your hand per month, that is you are earning 11 2/3 times as much as you control yourself (unless you are the father guardian).

Yep, not a way to get rich, especially if you are a Franciscan.

2:46 Precisely as St. Francis of Sales told a Calvinist.
"You are right that this chariot is princely, it was provided me by the prince of Savoy for this trip"

He didn't own it.

3:47 Fine, you made this vow.

Peter Kreeft, Matt Fradd, and on certain other channels than your favourites' Taylor Marshall, Kennedy Hall, Robert Sungenis didn't.

When I am complaining around the neighbourhood that the "Catholic" omertà about what I am writing is stopping me from earning my money to get a wife, what I get is people trying to reduce me to living your vows, which aren't mine.

How can you be in communion with people who:
  • treat my work, as a private person and public since self published author as on par with your ministry engaged under your vow of poverty
  • justify this by my not being married
  • and every time I complain about this make token arrangements for me to : a) get a chance to get to know a girl, b) make sure the girl ditches me or behaves in a manner I need to ditch, over my staying attached to my actual work?

These people are doing evils like:
  • forbidding me both marriage and fasting
  • stealing away my work.

Their head in Paris is a certain Laurent Ulrich, headed himself by a certain Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who succeeded the successor of the man who headed Hubertus Brandenburg, under whom I had the two confessors who neither allowed me marriage nor monastery.

And before you or they tell me it is perhaps FSSPX who I should be complaining about, since I share so many of their positions, I have complained there too, and most especially by accepting Pope Michael. Which they wouldn't.

But whether FSSPX or Novus Ordo, I do Catholic apologetics, if you think it stinks theologically, it's your duty to argue against it or even condemn it, not to use omertà to silence the fact.

For 15 days in a row I have had 42 343 visitors. It is not as if my blogs where so unread that no one had any responsibility to condemn what's bad in them, if there is anything.

5:57 Just in case the fact that your calling may demand limited time for consuming the internet, I have mentioned that a priest who would want to read part of what I wrote and make an assessment if very free to:
  • ask a layman to do the scrolling
  • ask him to print specific things out on paper (yes, it could cost like 10 € or 15 USD - not sure of exact currency)
  • then read on the paper.

8:45 You justify a Church laicizing men who actually made eternal vows.

How do you see a Church who can't let a man off from preliminary vows - the kind that Luther did in the storm?

I did by the mid of 2000 all that according to St. Thomas Aquinas I would be required to do to get an automatic dispensation from them.

I did NOT do any such vows again.

But I am treated as if I had done precisely that.

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