Saturday, January 19, 2019

Agreeing with Lisa Haven

READ BEFORE REMOVED! Posting These 9 Things WILL Get You Banned!!
Lisa Haven | 19.I.2019

She linked here:

As you mentioned Evolution, with Deep Time and No Global Flood, you might appreciate:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Maths of Flood - Correcting Premisses

Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : With David Palm, Mainly on Flood, Ark, Ararat

As you mentioned Climate change narrative, you may appreciate this:

New blog on the kid : Sharing on Climate Change - Science vs Hysteria

Immigration ... Whether they are allowed to stay or sent, not back but simply somewhere else, that is not quite so important to me. That they are treated well while being vetted for legally residing is ...

There is one problem new to Trump administration ... which sheds a lot of light on another one well prior to Trump.

New blog on the kid : On the Holy Family as Refugees

New blog on the kid : Trying to Sign for Zodhiates and Failing

New blog on the kid : As Said - Will Trump do the Right Thing?

The CPS ...

I wonder if some Muslims stamped me as Islamophobic

New blog on the kid : Has Anyone Stamped Me as Islamophobic?

Meanwhile, others may be stamping me as an Islamist or close to them bc I am Creationist and speak up for Uighurs:

New blog on the kid : Attention about Uighurs

I said I wonder if some Muslims stamped me as Islamophobic, but those doing the stamping need not be Muslims.

Speaking of pro-life, here is about tomorrow's pro-life march in Paris, I'm linking on my blog:

New blog on the kid : Malheureusement, ils ne vont pas demander l'interdit de l'IVG

En français, for obvious reasons.

I'd be even happier to march (if I do so tomorrow) for repealing the infamous "loi Veil".

Btw, these guys are more solidly against Roe vs Wade than Elephants:

9:16 You mean "he" and "she" are being attacked in US now ...?

Reminds me of Sweden about a decade ago. "Han" (pronounce "Hun") meaning "he" and "hon" ("hoon" but quicker) meaning "she" was proposed to be exchanged for the Finnish word "hän" (pronounce approximately "hen") which is gender neutral bc Finnish really has no masculine or feminine nouns or adjectives or even pronouns.

I had a Lesbian friend who was radically feminist who pointed out that the Finns who use "hän" are clearly very machist people after all, the gender neutral pronouns is very far from bringing them social perfect equality between the sexes.

If a man drinks beer while his wife does the dishes, he is likelier to be a Finn than a Swede.

9:27 Speaking of guns and school shootings, why is no one suggesting the abolishing of actual school compulsions (both legal and indirectly compulsory through social prudence issues, like getting a job)?

No one but I, that is, haven't even heard this from you, Mrs. Haven!

11:45 You might enjoy:

le même jacobite : Resist Meta Man

That blog was disconnected for me, I have no access to it, but I certainly do not regret that post.

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