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On more Fact Check Fails "for Simon Whistler"

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... or for Dustin Koski, author, in this case. Or for Shell Harris, executive producer.

Top 10 Countries Infamous for RELIGIOUS Persecution
TopTenz | 24.VIII.2017

2:25 "Most of their abuse does not come from the National Front, even though it's an openly fascist organization and we know the history that political movement has with Jews."

Double error in fact check.

  • 1) National Front is very much not openly or even closet Fascist, it is openly anti-Fascist. And, for context, pro-Jewish.
  • 2) No, most people - that is what you would be referring to as "we" - don't know more about the history of Fascism with Jews than the Commies in Czechoslovakia knew back when it was a Communist country.

    • a) Do most people in most countries - notably US - know that Jews were overrepresented in Mussolini's Fascist party up to the bad turn when Mussolini introduced racialism, including then Antisemitic racialism as late as in 1938 (after he had been in power for 16 years)?
    • b) Do most people know that the worst Austrofascism did physically to Jews was beating a gang in a fistfight provoked by the Jews insulting the memory of Dollfuss?
    • c) Do most people know that Spain was receiving Jewish refugees during World War II, and that Raul Wallenberg and Spanish diplomats were agreed on Ashkenazim to Sweden and Shepharad to Spain?
    • d) Or that Salazar was as much pro-England as Franco was pro-Germany, but both even more pro-each-other and therefore kept Iberian Peninsula neutral during World War II?

I don't think so.

Now, I'll scroll back a bit in the video.

2:06 I don't see this as abusive of Jews.

"French Jews will have to give up Israeli citizenship, says Le Pen"

Marine Le Pen also wants French Algerians and Moroccans to give up Algerian and Moroccan citizenship.

She is simply against dual citizenship. And it seems this is limited to "with non-European countries" and this limitation is itself limited "except for Russia".

It would be perhaps unduly favourable to Russia, but it is not targetting Jews. Least of all openly.

4:07 "The Chinese Islamic sect known as the Uighur"

Relevant senses of Uyghur after disambiguation page I am quoting:


Uyghur may refer to:

Uyghurs, a Turkic ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia
Uyghur language, a Turkic language spoken primarily by the Uyghurs

Uyghur alphabets, any of four systems used to write the language
Uyghur Khaganate, a Turkic empire in the mid 8th and 9th centuries
See also
Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

In other words, Uyghurs are not a sect of Islam, they are an ethnicity.

It seems they have been Muslims (mostly) since ...


4:22 I don't think Uyghurs appreciate being called "Chinese."

They are Chinese citizens like Lapps are Swedish citizens, they are not Chinese, like Lapps are not Swedes and like Lakotas are not Yankees.

5:04 In a sense I am glad you considered National Front as "openly fascist".

You see, the things you are saying about Egypt can be read in one or two papers in France.

La Croix, close to modern mainstream Vatican II Catholicism and not for National Front.
PRÉSENT, also Catholic, but more like Trads, and close to National Front.

So, when I have cited sources close to PRÉSENT about Egypt, this has in France got me a stamp as "facho" ... while that is not wildly inaccurate, I appreciate the support about facts from one not "facho".

6:51 - 6:53 "All especially hard to believe in light of Buddhism's reputation as a passive, meditative religion."

Guess why Viet Nam was conquered by the French in the first place?

There was Buddhist persecution against Catholics from the place around French Catholic missionaries.

I'm not forgetting that ...

7:18 I wonder, considering the number of Somalians France is taking as refugees, how many Somalians have been involved in painting me as a madman who thinks he's Jesus ... or who has other "issues" ...

I and they have shared day shelters, notably SOS Accueil in Versailles and also I think one in Beauvais (not sure if they were Somalians there, but possible).

10:15 "on the Muslim sect Yazidi"

What I previously knew of Yazidis didn't consider them a Muslim sect and what I learn from wikipedia now doesn't do so anymore.

Besides Christianity, Judaism and Islam, there are also smaller roughly Abrahamic or semi-Abrahamic religions. Samarians are perhaps the smallest, but not the worst targetted.

Then we have Yazidis, Mandeans and perhaps some more.

Some have called Yazidis "devil-worshippers" due to them thinking "the peacock angel" (Satan, basically) will repent and will be restored to grace with God, wherefore they also give honours to him. They also believe in reincarnation.

I don't think calling them "other Muslims" will actually help them. Against ISIS, Christians, Shia Muslims and Yazidis have a common cause of defense.

Here is wiki on them, what I learned new from it involves them being likened to Zoroastrians, as well as them believing reincarnation (as do some Jews):


They aren't really.

Zoroastrians don't believe in the restoration of Ahriman, and I don't think that the first man is considered to have been Adam either. With Yazidis, he is.

For Mazdeism (not to be confused with Mandeism), here is from a summary of book 7 of Denkard:

"the span of human history beginning with Gayomard, in Zoroastrian tradition identified as the first king and the first man, and ending with the Kayanid dynasty. This section of book 7 is essentially the same as that summarized in the first part of book 5, but additionally presents Zoroaster as the manifest representation of khwarrah (Avestan: kavaēm kharēno, "[divine] [royal] glory") that has accumulated during that time."


"One of the key creation beliefs held by Yazidis is that they are the descendants of Adam through his son Shehid bin Jer rather than Eve.[107][not in citation given] The Yazidis believe that before Adam and Eve copulated with each other for the first time, Tawûsê Melek encouraged them to see if they could reproduce on their own. He had the couple place their reproductive fluids in jars and store them for several months. When each jar was opened several months later, Eve's was found to contain vermin and insects, and Adam's was found to have contained a beautiful baby boy, Shehid bin Jer.[112] This lovely child, known as son of Jar grew up to marry a houri and became the ancestor of the Yazidis. Therefore, the Yazidis regard themselves as descending from Adam alone, while other humans are descendants of both Adam and Eve.[113][109]:33 This is the reason given for Yazidis being exclusively endogamous; clans do not intermarry with non-Yazidis and accept no converts to Yazidism.[citation needed] A severe punishment for breaking this rule is expulsion, which is also effectively excommunication as the soul of the exilee is forfeit.[citation needed]"


In fact, this is what I get from the note 107:

"The Yazidis believe that they are the descendants of Adam only, while the rest of the world are descendants of Eve, hence inferior. It is impossible to convert to Yazidism; you must be born one. The strongest punishment among Yazidis is expulsion, which means that your soul is lost forever."


Ah, while they do not consider Melek Taus as source of evil, their story of him parallels the Muslim story of Satan's fall, both being ordered to bow down to Adam, both refusing.

Muslims, notably, consider this disobedience meant Satan was damned, while Yazidis (according to this source!) consider this was Melek Taus passing a test.

Hence a very obvious religious conflict between the two.


It seems this high regard for Melek Taus (or Tawzi Melek) is confirmed by a Yazidi source:

A Humanitarian Organization. Hosted by: International Order of Gnostic Templars - United States

A false religion. On the Christian system, they should not have to suffer for it, as long as not baptised and apostasising (unlikely since all are endogamous), and as long as they do not agress Christians (or possibly someone Christians should protect for some other reason).

Referring obviously to what constitutes just war and just punishment about infidelity in St Thomas Aquinas.

Unfortunately, ISIS targetting Yazidis gives them good publicity ...

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