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... on Freemasonry : Misdeeds and Generalities

Extreme content warning on video itself, that's where the misdeeds are, the comments I show here are family friendly.

Freemason SRA Survivor Masonic Abuse Whistleblower Karly Franz
Karly Noel | 14.X.2018

You mentioned a two headed eagle.

If ever a Catholic Austrian power gets the upper hand that lodge must be crushed for dishonouring the two headed eagle.

11:28 "every president that ever been is part of" ...

If so, some have been so secretly.

In alphabetic order, the known Freemason United States Presidents are:

James Buchanan
Gerald Ford (38)
James A. Garfield
Warren G. Harding
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Lyndon B. Johnson (36)
William McKinley
James Monroe
James K. Polk
Franklin D. Roosevelt (32)
Theodore Roosevelt
William Howard Taft
Harry S. Truman (33)
George Washington

The most recent of them is Gerald Ford, In office August 9, 1974 – January 20, 1977.

If you are born in 1989, for all of your lifetime, United States Presidents are supposed to not have been freemasons.

Obviously, this doesn't tell how many vice presidents were masons.

And Bush was Skull and Bones, doesn't count as freemasons, maybe should ...

But Skull and Bones, that's perhaps two presidents, George W. Bush and Taft.

Forgot crediting wiki, here is a link:


12:13 My mother warned me or rather forbade me to join a secret society when I was 15 (probably De Molays, since 15 is too young for masonry). I have obeyed so far and intend to do so.

She respected Franco, since in his time Spain forbade abortions. I should say, she respects Franco ...

And in his time, Spain forbade freemasonry too.

Not saying he had no associates who were masons, like his father and ... I just read that Gonzalo Queipo de Llano wasn't.

"Bien acogidos por españoles residentes en la capital francesa, allí viven un breve exilio, hasta la proclamación de la República el 14 de abril de1931. La masonería española envía socorros económicos a los exiliados. El comandante Ramón Franco, que desde un tiempo atrás está en tratos con la orden para su ingreso en ésta, se inicia en la parisina logia Plus Ultra, integrada por republicanos y anarquistas españoles. No lo hace Queipo, a pesar de estar muy ligado a algunos miembros de ésta. Sin embargo, a partir de entonces serán muchos en España, dentro y fuera de la masonería, los que crean a pies juntillas que el general es masón. No lo fue nunca."

Diario de Sevilla : Queipo de Llano, un general despechado
17 Julio, 2011 - 07:37h, por Juan Ortiz Villalba, Catedrático de IES y profesor asociado de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Long story short (as far as my Spanish reaches) when he was in exile, he received aids from Spanish freemasons, sent to all exiles, and then he got the reputation of being a freemason, even if he wasn't.

Not my favourite Franquista, since he's the guy who shot Llorca ...

Yeah, one more, Ramon Franco became a freemason in Paris, Queipo didn't but was close to him and others who did so (Ramon was cousin of Francisco Franco and fought on the Republican side, not "Franco's"). This obviously also contributed to him being stamped as a freemason.

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