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TFP Unequal in Quality about Equality and Inequality

The Facts About Equality -- Why the Left Hates Inequality & God
TFP Student Action | 19.IV.2016

Mostly good, but I think some comments were needed:

1:02 Equality is arithmetic in commutative justice and proportional in distributive justice.

Example of commutative, when a merchandise worth about 1 bucks is paid about 1 bucks.

Example of distributive, when an employee with 10 children gets paid more per hour than an employee not married, or when an employee with ten years experience gets paid more per hour than one just beginning.

2:57 "attacking the definition of natural marriage"

Why did no one point out, strongly, that homosexual people, people with that orientation, already had equal right to marrying someone of the opposite sex, while heterosexual people already were equally banned from marrying someone of same sex, whatever advantages or threats they might get involved with or making a bet.

I pointed it out, and TFP basically stamped me as just another gay marriage advocate, which I was not.

I was pointing more than once to a man self confessed homosexual since fourteen, who wanted to obey God's law and got married the right way. He now has four daughters.

Or had last time I checked, he may have more children now.

7:39 "This class hatred is the essence of Marxism and socialism"

In fact, class hatred comes from two sides.

Corporatism has cherished both classes involved in employment (employers and employees) as well as independents, while attacking class hatred from both sides.

A worker may envy his employer's freedoms or wealth, but an employer may envy his worker the free time, when he doesn't have to worry about the company, or even his wages, which he could be stingy about.

7:55 "and the authority of the police officer is for the safety and benefit of the common good"

When it serves justice in an equal way and when it serves public order in an equal way.

Not so, when it serves for instance psychiatry or child protective services the times when these are serving an inequal kidnapping venture, for their own good of exercising personal power over someone less fortunate. And sometimes too for the class hatred of upper or middle class against lower class values being acted out too openly.

End note: It may be noted that while the Middle Ages were fiercely inegalitarian about privileges, they were fiercely egalitarian about those falling within same category. A butcher in Amiens has same duties as a butcher in Amiens. The journeyman of one butcher has same duties as the journeyman of other butcher. A weaver in Amiens has same duties as a weaver in Amiens, and so on.

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