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Other Maths of Flood Video

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Noah's Flood - Mathematically Impossible
bushonomics | 29.V.2010

I am ignoring how he assumes Heliocentrism to be true, since the point is not sth about astronomy, but the equatorial bulge and how it affects the calculation.

  • 1) Assume that Mt Everest did not yet exist.
  • 2) Assume that "Mt Flood" was at most 2 km high.

Here is how the calculations (I copied your formulas) are affected by this one assumption:

6380.1^2*6358.8*4/3*pi=1 084 223 325 957
6378.1^2*6356.8*4/3*pi=1 083 202 878 005.2

1 084 223 325 957 - 1 083 202 878 005.2 = 1 020 447 951.8 cubic km are what we need.

1 338 000 000 - 1 020 447 951.8 = 317 552 048.2 cubic km more than we need.

8:38 "Everest Floodzone" - excellent term.

We YEC are content with considering Everest post-Flood and therefore in believing a less-than-Everest Flood zone.

8:53 PLUS the Earth's current water supply.

Not really, all we need is oceans and some other factors getting more water after the Flood.

9:12 At the end of the Flood, obviously, you have Oceans getting deeper and mountains higher, so that Flood waters can run off dry land and down into Oceans.

In the immediate or very soon thereafter, you also have an ice age lowering sea levels and inflating ice caps.

9:17 "where did the Flood waters recede to"

To what's now Oceans and ice caps.

9:41 As it is, I am not butchering science, and am surprised at having to repeat same points over and over again to people who are not just housetrained to not take me seriously, but also to do the wrong calculations - after they are already debunked. By other Young Earth Creationists or even by me.

Note, this one was from 2010, and this answer is from 2015:

How did the waters of Noah’s Flood drain off the continents?
by Mike Oard | This article is from
Creation 37(3):28–30—July 2015

Why didn't you take the video down after Mike Oard had refuted you in 28–30—July 2015?

The article was republished for free on CMI in January 9th, 2017 - you have given your video more than a years lease beyond that, but why?

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