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What about Assisi 0?

Jews disguised as Franciscans sing the office in Latin when someone enters the Cathedral, just in case it might be a Nazi officer, then when they are alone, they sing and pray in Hebrew, not just the psalms of King David, which per se are holy though not quite in their context, but also of course the Amida prayer.

Would that not make ineligible for sainthood those implied:

  • Father Ruffino Niccacci
  • the then Bishop of Assisi
    AND at least very probably:
  • their chief Pius XII?


Now, I agree that SSPX (acknowledging "Pope Francis" but rejecting the "canonisation") are in a position reminiscent of Eastern Orthodox or Old Catholics. But are not sedivacantist that too, for another reason, if we use the word strictly as implying rejection of claims named "Pope Michael" or "Papa Alejandro IX"? How exactly is your position consistent with "perpetuos successores"? I was even rejecting Pope Michael because I thought his was inconsistent with that. BUT if there was a Siri papacy and Pope Michael was elected soon after the demise of Siri, or if he was invalidly elected but became true pope at the demise of Pope Krav (who in his turn was elected soon after "Paul VI" had shown his lifelong unwillingness to mend certain matters), then there is no longer any problem about perpetuos successores if it applies strictly to Popes only, even apart from any other Petrine succession.


As you mentioned "papacy of Francis" and "canonisation of JP-2", here is what I wrote after that event:

New blog on the kid : Yesterday Bergoglio seems to have thrown me out of the Church - insofar as he was Pope he did

I neither consider Roncalli or Wojtyla as saints validly canonised, nor as even in Heaven, nor their would be canoniser as Pope.

The moment I saw or heard the words used in the sham event, I concluded he could not be Pope since saying such a thing, though previously I had given him some benefit of the doubt.

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

We already know what BERGOGLIO is, but check this out:

P 80 80
A 65 140 5
P 80 220
A 65 280 10
F 70 350
R 82 430 12
A 65 490 17
N 78 560 25
J 74 630 29
O 79 700 38

0032 PAPA FRANJO (for space)
0256 Papa Franjo (for lower case)