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... on Wilfrid Laurier

Mostly by J.J. McCullough who does a presentation, then marginal comments by me:

His video
Canada's Greatest Prime Minister: Wilfrid Laurier
J.J. McCullough | 5.I.2019

My comments:

I saw he was Québecquois, and I looked up, no, he was not an excellent Catholic.

Catholic priests in Quebec repeatedly warned their parishioners not to vote for Liberals. Their slogan was "le ciel est bleu, l'enfer est rouge" (heaven is blue/Conservative, hell is red/Liberal).

I did a gematric checkup on W. LAURIER = 717 = 1717 (since Hebrews omit the millennial numeral) = starting of freemasonry.

4:29 - 4:35 "he was an open foe of the sort of extreme right-wing Catholic fundamentalist French nationalism that a lot of English Canadians associated with Québec politics of that time."

Thank you so much for using the word "fundamentalist" in a Catholic context.

Some Catholics around here seem to think "fundamentalism" is a Protestant thing, while it's not specifically so.

It may be recalled that Catholic fundamentalist politics were the ones opposed to sterilisation of Esquimaux or Amerindians, while of Alberta and British Columbia (both progressive and both Protestant) this sterilisation was practised and in one of them also French-Canadians were targetted.

To be fair to Laurier's fan base in Québec, that started after 1911, though.

I note that Alberta's compulsory sterilization law was not under Liberals, but under United Farmers.

For British Columbia, I am not sure whether the culprit was Tolmie (Conservative) or Pattullo (Liberal). It could have been Tolmie, but if so, Pattullo didn't try hard enough (or at all) to revoke the horror.

9:32 "one of the most racist"

Well, reminds me of how French President Jules Ferry (also a progressive) motivated expansion in Tunisia with a kind of White Man's Burden.

It can be noted, Jules Ferry was arguably one of the French role models of Adolf Hitler. Along with Émiles Combes (on education side), Gobineau (on racial ideology side), Clémeanceau (national revenge motive - in Clémenceau's case very anti-German). I think Hitler should have stuck with painting .... there you find fairly good natured French role models (you find them in politics too, but they were not successful during III Republic).

Yes, I think this is one of the areas where even non-Catholics can see how Catholic fundamentalist politics were superior to Laurier.

13:25 or before "not like America"

Quaint someone living on that continent uses the name for US ...

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