Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Candace, Ye, Prager

Breaking My Silence on Ye & the Jewish Community | Ep. 37
Candace Owens Podcast, 8 Nov. 2022

9:42 Would you mind asking Dennis Prager (who is wrong on some issues, but whom I appreciate) to take his distance from the Jew who threatened Kanye West?

And in general from the modern slave hunt known as psychiatry and CPS?

19:28 "and you need to get psychological"

The very ideology of the Jew who was enemy to Kanye West.

20:43 "to legitimise mental illness"

Well, there is a big difference between bowing down to and just not forcing mental care on someone.

I don't think Georgina Kirrin (to take a fictional example, of Blyton fame) was entitled to be "Mr George" on school grades or sth, even less to get an operation, but I also don't think she should have been forced into mental hospital until she decided to wear skirts and be "Miss Georgina" even to her friends.

No one can test what the doctors decide to put more and more down on the mental illness account, as DSM-V is considerably thicker than DSM-I, or II or III. The opposition to transgender ideology is not a good reason to give shrinks more and more power.

Things that illegitimate are sins and crimes. Legitimising a sin is like saying "yeah, Popes are putting too much into Matthew 5:32, Matthew 19:9"
Legitimising a crime is like calling abortion health care.

But interior states are not "legitimate" or "illegitimate" except insofar as they are voluntary, and that means they are not forced on a person by pathology.

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