Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Some Agreements and Some Disagreements with Alice Cappelle

the instrumentalization of muslim women
Alice Cappelle, 1st of Nov. 2022

4:19 Didn't you mispronounce "phobosophy teacher" or "misosophy teacher" or sth?

You are probably aware these terms means "fear of wisdom" and "hatred of wisdom" while "philosophy" (the word I thought I heard) means the opposite, "love of wisdom" which this die-hard atheist absolutely has none of!

[Here the videast had just referred to Enthoven]

Fantus Witt
Ok Zealot we understand you are to ignorant to understand your own limitations so you have to project but please dont be annoying with it ok?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Fantus Witt It so happens, zealot of atheism, thanks to the school system you have endured, the ignorant one is you.

As a Christian and a geek, I have fortunately been in a position to inform myself better than the obviously inadequate Swedish school system.

5:32 In 1830.

I am for 1830 taking of Algiers, since it involved slave hunters being hung in the masts of their own ships.

I am not for "les Enfumades" ... unlike the former, voted by a Parliament in a Constitutional Monarchy.

What a missed chance for poor old Maurras to make an example how monarchy is superior to democracy ... not meaning the Swiss version.

7:54 MFPF = later Planning Familial?

8:50 Yeah, I've noted how some guys object to me lunching on a pack of four yoghurt and using saved money for a beer in the evening or even more probably for a sit before a computer in a cyber, like 2 € may equal an hour ... baguette and cheese is approx 2 € or more expensive than four yoghurt.

Not to mention situations in which I had only one € and preferred a pack of four yoghurt over a baguette toute seule ...

And if I don't assimilate that way, I am obviously nostalgic of my Polish or Russian compatriots even if I am a Swede ... born in the part of Vienna held by U S Americans after the war. And a lifelong anti-Communist with mistrust for East European immigration since a few years.

9:25 You just mispronounced the Endarkenment.
It was not science, it was just bad history to say miracles don't happen.

It was not reason, just meanness to say "don't have death penalty in normal affairs, when lifelong slavery is so much more discouraging, but do chop heads of people that people could rally about!"_ (Voltaire -> Beccaria -> Robespierre).

And centralisation is the opposite of democracy, which is a flower flourishing best locally.

You recall those 19th C. "black hussars" who punished bringing rosary to school, perhaps and punished speaking Breton in school, certainly? III Republic. A model in so many ways for Hitler and yes, Ferry was a racist.

9:40 No, the two centuries culminating in the French Revolution were not liberating of people.

Peasants came into conflict with bishops over the latter agreeing to abolish holidays, so the peasants had to work more.

From year so and so 17th C to year so and so 18th C (a decade or two before the Revolution), the drapiers of Lyon got fewer and fewer independent entrepreneurs, meaning that each of them was boss over more and more people and at the end the apprentices and journeymen (it's called compagnon du devoir in French) usually couldn't hope to become masters and independent.

A n d the king or Richelieu or whoever came up with the idea of letting people chase the poor with crossbows to force them to live in the hospital and work for their upkeep by tending to the sick.

No, the Revolution did not come as a liberation and most certainly not at the end of a process of liberation.

It's a bit how the buying power had consistently decreased over the Second Empire for industrial workers. Before the Commune.

9:51 A very good description of Robespierre.

You know that disciple of Beccaria who preferred criminals to suffer lifelong slavery in peacetime, but was favourable to kill a deposed king whether he was guilty or not, just because he could become a rallying point.

Indeed, Beccaria's disciple wanted no religion in the state. It would have forced police and similar to show more piety and mercy, for instance.

Just before 11:09 "of men and citizenS"

13:33 "banned from accessing government offices, banks, public transport"

Sounds like France in 2020, after the first confinement, or sth?

Also sounds a lot like how a government of the Apocalypse 13 type would proceed to stop someone from "buying and selling" if not taking its mark ...

15:28 Not all women.

Some pretend their choice trumps that of the children they are expecting. I refuse solidarity with those.

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