Wednesday, November 9, 2022

According to Il Milanese, my level in English is Very Advanced

This is for the guys who pretend my English is lousy, I don't even make it to beginners' level ...

What’s your English level? Take this test!
POC English, 10 Oct. 2022

1 C) 2A) (but hardly correct information about me)
3B) 4C) 5C)

6C) 7B or C) (B impossible for a future plan? even if present is used? wait, would have been "going out partying" not "going partying"?)
8 B) 9B) 10C) (again, not correct info about me)

Misled by the typo, 10B if it is ago. "the last thirty years" would be awkward, but "thirty years age" is impossible.

8/10 (8 or more -> not beginner)

1A) 2B) 3A) 4C) 5A) (he claims 5C, but I am confident I have heard "sorry for what I said/did" somewhere)
6B) 7B) 8C) (true, never get used to it) 9B) (but travelling, not traveling, please!)
10 A) if you can add "yesterday" or "last hour"
10 C) otherwise (and the sign is misleading, one can be wasted for lack of sleep)


1B) 2C) 3C) 4A) 5B)
6 curricular - oh, they aren't offered, but imposed, only the extra-curricular ones are offered, sorry
7 domesticity
8 strengthened
9 irreplaceable (replaceable would have been with smaller values)
10 misfortune (fotune could have been the case with "often ill" since it means time off school, but constantly is a misfortune)


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