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Muhammed Made no Miracle and Didn't Fulfill THAT Prophecy

Aquinas Educates Andrew Tate about Muhammad
Pints With Aquinas, 10 Nov. 2022

1:42 You not just are, but actually mean to be an online influencer.
So am I. Or if I'm not, it's because the actual readership - 2831 on one of the days - are opponents who are stopping me from reaching there, like by discouraging others from actually reading me.

4:05 CSL formulated his trilemma so that it only applies of the Gospels are basically reliable as history. Which was another discussion.
A man stating what he states etc ...

6:41 I have met two types of Muslims as far as miracles are concerned.

1) Yes he did, he split the moon in two
2) You Christians are just like the Jews, "asking for a sign"

To which one could reply:

1) we have no other people seeing the moon split (besides, the story is not clearly fleshed out, only hinted at in the Quran), except an account of a king in India having observed it - the account could have been obtained by Muslims centuries after the fact by pressure put on Indian historians, or it could have been confirmed by a messenger to Mecca or Medina purporting to come from India (who didn't)
2) Christ promised another sign, namely that of Jonah - a parallel to His resurrection. If they deny His death and resurrection, why do they refer to Matthew 12?

There are multiple MIracles of the Prophet
splitting the moon
water flowing from his fingers
a women passing by him and him being completely invisible to her
Angels helping him in the battle of badr
He knew that someone had betrayed him before the carriers of the message even came to him
There are many more
Oh and the biggest on of all
The Quran

R. M
And yet these miracles are 600 years later than Christ’s and have LESS historical evidence. Seems a bit weird!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@R. M "splitting the moon"

Too little or even too bad evidence.

"water flowing from his fingers"

Demons could arrange that for a false prophet.

"a women passing by him and him being completely invisible to her"

Demons could arrange that too.

"Angels helping him in the battle of badr"

Do you accept Romans worshipping Castor and Pollux because they were seen helping Romans in a battle?

"He knew that someone had betrayed him before the carriers of the message even came to him"

Demons could tell a person that.

"The Quran"

Not miraculous.

8:48 Example. Perhaps not from Muhammed but later. Christ promised the "Parakletos" (advocate) and Muslims pretend the good text was actually "Periklutos" (the renouned = meaning of Muhammed and of Chlodevech - Lewis or Clovis - too, by the way).

Didn't really get that Greek actually writes out the vowels and they are structurally important and therefore wouldn't be prone to an error about what the original vowels were.

If it was from Muhammed himself, he must have quizzed someone about things in the NT.

Perhaps Tamim al-Dari.

"Originally a Christian priest, al-Dari lived in Byzantine-ruled Palestine and belonged to the Banu al-Dar—a clan of the Lakhm tribe. His first contact with Muhammad was in 628 CE when he led a delegation of ten other Banu al-Dar members. Previously Muhammad granted Banu al-Dar a part of the revenues of conquered land after the Muslim victory at the Battle of Khaybar. Al-Dari met with Muhammad to receive the revenues and after meeting him, al-Dari embraced Islam and settled in Medina."

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