Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Someone Who Thinks I am Possessed or Dabbled Into the Occult?

Chad Ripperger has fame among exorcists like John Lennon had among musicians. Recall this in context of what she says ...

Pre-Catholic Amber and the Occult
The Religious Hippie, 1st of Nov. 2022

6:27 Sageing your room may not get rid of bad energy, but it will get rid of bacteria and virus to some degree.

Just as garlic will do.

7:47 If you have to do with poltergeists, try Hail Mary.

Sister Eugenia Palomino Yenes twice got rid of a poltergeist infesting the nunnery or convent or whatever it was before the ordained exorcist could arrive.

Which makes her kind of a charismatic exorcist in a way.

8:22 It seems on some occasion, ghosts from purgatory have also been allowed to act the poltergeist.

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!
Ascension Presents, 22nd of April 2016

[The following was taken away, so, was it Amber or the cyber or some automated anti-spam thing on youtube?]

10:25 As you mentioned Fr. Ripperger, he seems to think the demon can give you musical talent.

Get me right - Satan arguably could move someone's fingers along an instrument and things like that, but John Lennon and the rest of them had practised. But talent is from within, Satan cannot transfer that.

Now, he pretended Satan had perhaps promised John Lennon 20 years of musical talent and success, and when John Lennon was shot, it was exactly 20 years after the event.

This bypasses the fairly important thing that John Lennon wasn't the musical genius of the Beatles. The Beatles actually had their musical genius in common with later on other bands, like Wings, from which I have a favourite called "Mull of Kintyre (song)" on the wikipedia ("Mull of Kintyre" without parenthesis is an article about the locality described in the song). So, if Satan promised John Lennon anything in the way of talent, he arguably didn't keep his side of the bargain, since John Lennon actually relied on Macca for talent.

I would argue, Chad Ripperger is crediting Satan with more power than he has - a bit like certain Jews who say that it was demons who gave gentile peoples the new languages at Babel, while I think it is safely doctrinal to say only God was able to do that.

This girl just said she had Ripperger as favourite exorcist, and funnily enough above comment containing criticism of Fr Ripperger was taken away under her youtube video. Could be a coincidence. I am not saying that it is.

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