Sunday, November 6, 2022

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Fox 11 has some issue commenting on matters. Like "throws feces at business owner" compared to throws feces at man filming him in a private moment. Or "homeless crisis escalating", compared to bum-phobia escalating.

Homeless crisis escalating in Sherman Oaks; man throws feces at business owner
FOX 11 Los Angeles, 21 Sept. 2022

0:59 Excuse me a question.
Apparently the business owner in the SUV was filming the homeless man while he defecated. Could that have been the cause of his anger?

I am homeless. In day time, I can walk c. 150 m to a toilet in a park, but at night, the toilet is 500 meters away - 1640 feet, if you prefer Imperial units. But public toilets at least exist, and I can usually use them unless they have been put into dysfunction, and not put back in function, and it is not always a given they have toilet paper. This is in Paris.

Does that area of Los Angeles even have public toilets? Would that homeless man be allowed into a bar to use its toilets even if paying?

Could that man be somewhat outraged over first being denied normal toilet access and then filmed for his makeshift way of getting relieved? I'd say it is understandable, if so.

1:28 I can relate to blind, perhaps even half blind people not wiping off all their dogs leave - or themselves, if denied toilets.

And I can definitely relate to a homeless man not wanting to get to a homeless service. You wouldn't want to get into one either.

Probably the man has for years been offered too much sugar and too little rest, the combination basically forces him to eat it, everyone has a sugar craving if he gets too little sleep, and this could explain both his being half blind and his bad mood. A man filming him daily is not exactly making the mood better, is it.

The fact is the man is picking up the turds along with the toilet paper, so he's doing something to not leave things in a mess.

And the business owner - couldn't he ask for public toilets to be installed?

2:54 OK, one guy tried to harrass people enjoying their meal, he is pushed off in Paris.

Most aren't doing it, and wouldn't do it - because one can get meals in nicer ways. Can they in LA, specifically Sherman Oaks? ADD : and I don't mean by going to the homeless shelters provided.

3:13 By "help" the reporter is obviously referring to get them bussed into barracks that are overcrowded.

She doesn't get that this question to someone trying to recover rest after too little at night (and they would have too little at the shelters too) is somewhat offensive.

3:22 No, many unhoused people are in desperate need of:
  • toilets
  • rest
  • not getting filmed while they compensate for lack of toilets.

3:53 No, pulling them into care is called slavehunt.

Sherman Oaks homeless crisis: LAPD out to help businesses following FOX 11 story
FOX 11 Los Angeles, 23 Sept. 2022

0:59 Seriously, time after time you bother a man, film him, try to put him in, and you did not see it coming that he finally gets enough and throws his waste at you?

1:42 "the city has services for you"
Like toilets people can go into when they need?

Or is Scrivano preferring to have no toilets in Sherman Oaks so that people who have a pressing need will need to pay him for a beer or coffee or tea?

In the night, for peeing, I take a tree or a bush not to far from where I sleep. But for the other need, there are toilets 1640 feet away, and if one of them is broken (happens often), I go an extra walk to the other one.

Today, I needed to get a coffee, because the toilet paper was not in the public toilet, and the toilet workers are immigrants and the bar owner was immigrant.

Nice bar, and the coffee was a decent price. But I arguably drink a bit too much coffee.

"the toilet workers are immigrants and the bar owner was immigrant."

Not necessarily part of the reason why paper was missing - not necessarily not. But a coincidence I noted.

2:05 Scrivano has scruples over an arrest, but would have no qualms about sending a man to mental hospital?

What a horror!

2:27 By "housing" - do you refer to the kind of homes that involve lots of ultra small apartments basically for former homeless, former mental patients, former drug addicts, former alcoholics (or mental patients, drug addicts, alcoholics in treatment)?

Couldn't a certain man by the name of Cameron Nero rightfully be considering himself harrassed if offered that, but denied decent public toilets and therefore needing to do his business outside toilets?

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