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Sam Harris, Allie, Me and Cosmic Distances

Heliocentrism : still not proven · Sam Harris, Allie, Me and Cosmic Distances · No, Geocentrism with Angelic Movement is Not what CMI Classifies as God of the Gaps Fallacy

Thanks, Sam Harris. I’m Totally An Atheist Now | Ep 664
22.VIII.2022? | Allie Beth Stuckey

13:49 A first commentary.

"We" in the passage from I Cor 2 doesn't mean all who call themselves Christians, it means the Christian Church which St. Paul was a part and an Apostle of, namely the Catholic Church.

14:24 And here is the second comment which I was waiting to deliver after hearing Sam Harris' comment.

"There is another dimension in which Heaven exists"

Now, as spiritual understanding was by St. Paul predicated of the Catholic Church, one may want to check whether this is the interpretaion of the Catholic Church over centuries.

It's not.

The Heaven where angels, the Mother of God in Body and Soul and the souls of faithful departed who have made it there, directly or through Purgatory are adoring Christ is in at least St. Thomas Aquinas the next level above the Fix Star sphere, above the "sheet" wrapped around the globe of space that separates the fix stars from us, that "sheet" being composed of stars with their own luminosity, except for the Sun.

Now, to Sam Harris, that would not so much be a sheet as a near infinite globe with galaxy on galaxy between us and any edge, but not because he misses "another dimension" but because he is a Heliocentric who is taking the Cosmic Distance Ladder too seriously.

New blog on the kid : Have you heard the expression "von Neumann chain"?

My apologetics point against Sam Harris is therefore, no, we have not seen information for billions of light years away, I am not even confident the furthest stars are more than one or perhaps two ligh- days up from us.

Beyond that is Heaven as relevant for Christian theology, in a place above the stationary coordinates of earthly Jerusalem.

14:34 The mortal eye cannot see God and live, but if we were transported up for some time and God dimmed his glory for our survival, we would see the other things, and we would see Christ's human face, with as much of His glory shining through as we could take.

14:42 And again, this confirms that what "no eye has seen" is not Heaven, but God.

The sight of Heaven in and of itself would be delightful, if by a miracle we would survive it, but would still not be the Beatific Vision. Seeing God is the Beatific Vision.

Heaven is still spatial and visible and St. John saw more than one glimpse from Patmos.

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