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Allie Beth Stuckey Hears Jeannette Cooper

Losing Custody of Your 'Trans' Daughter | Guest: Jeannette Cooper | Ep 653
2 or 3.VIII.2022 | Allie Beth Stuckey

1:29 Maria von Trapp, née Kutschera, at the Charismatic Conference in Kansas City 1977. Often quoted by ma:
always remember this : a man is a man and a woman is a woman

If she were alive now, oh boy, would she be suspended time and again from twitter!

3:24 The actual words were it would be better for him, if he had a millstone tied around his neck and were thrown into the sea

Guess someone on twitter missed the reference - or did they?

The difference is, Our Lord didn't directly tell anyone they should proceed and do it.

Still, I think chances are very slim that he actually gets thrown into the sea because of your words. (Unless it's in a game which he survives).

5:24 There is a type of actual groomers I am afraid you are not going to denounce.

The people who say that it's OK that nubile age is (most parts of Europe) as high as18. The 16 for most states of the US is less draconic, but still.

I Cor 7 doesn't cease to apply to someone whom God has created such that he or she is now capable of sex and sexual desires, just because psychologists and legislators have deemed that below 18 or even 16 he or she is "too immature."

The more direct groomers for homosexuality, BDSM and so on profit from these legislations, since it creates lots of sexually frustrated teens.

Other things that they profit from : co-education (boys and girls in same classroom), rock music (often provided by schools), discouragement of fasting - and discouragement to ruining of the relations that could have become in a few years time, a marriage. I had, as a teacher, two pupils (age 15, I think) who basically were a couple, and I hoped they would make it to marriage. A bit later on I heard, they had split up over music tastes (he was hip hop, she classic). Somehow someone had taught him he must stand up for his taste in hip hop and her she must stand up for hers in classic - to the point where they split up.

"driving wedges" is the word ... some teachers and other "youth specialists" are very much into driving wedges, not just between children and parents, but also between teen couples, also between friends (I recall the guy from SSHL, a boarding school, who liked Aqualung, I liked Aqualung too, I got inspired to change my handwriting in somewhat more Medieval ways because of his handwriting. Another guy I liked was a neo-Nazi or at least nationalist. He went too. But my harrassers didn't go away.

The second school house where I was there were some Catholic pupils, notably one from Ireland (father Irish, mother presumably Swedish). I was at this time (at least at the end) converting to Catholicism, and while we could talk about Ireland, the Pogues, Irish Rebel Songs, for some reason we couldn't talk about the Faith.

Obviously, you can imagine why homosexuals are draw to this kind of work (I don't think there were any at SSHL, by the way), since they don't count on getting offspring of themselves, they compensate their parenting instincts by getting into the education (and other youth handling) of others' offspring.

9:52 "unethically, the psychotherapist"

Isn't she repeating herself?

29:30 I recall a person from forensic psychiatry (the sentence was a prison sentence, I was in transfer) ... she had been robbed of her child, because the social assistants thought it wrong of her not to get nude with small children.

It can be mentioned, the culture may be somewhat close to Finnish in some cases, and Finns are nude and all family in the sauna. She wasn't Finnish. It shouldn't have been imposed on her.

She was there for something else, which may have happened after this horror.

30:03 "your ex-husband and his" what?
Mark 10:11, Luke 16:18

32:11 There are other reasons for certain types of enabling.

When you give free clean syringes to heroin abusers (as they do in Paris) the idea is not "we feel so bad about the heroin addict being ridden by the monkey when he can get no clean syringe" but the idea is "if he can get no clean syringe, he'll use a used one" - and that one could include HIV or Hepatite C contamination.

And the idea (heavily impopular in neighbourhoods where it is planned) of shooting locales is if they shoot in a toilet, no one is there to help them if they risk an overdose.

I am fortunately not into that, never was, but I have some gratitudes to some people who were, perhaps still are. One warned me, he had lost a leg for using it too much for shooting. Another helped me out a few days when I was too heavily into a bronchitis that threatened to turn into a pneumonia.

Btw, it would be abusive to call it "enabling" to step aside when an adult person is carrying out his decisions rather than use force of psychiatry or similar.

39:57 "the adolescent period we are all searching for meaning"

Being, in modern conditions, deprived of the meaning a marriage could give.

49:58 Totally agreed.

I was not taken out of ma's custody, but I was sent for school years into a boarding school. SSHL, as mentioned.

And this bc me being harrassed at the then school was taken as a sign of my mother not helping me to "adapt"

To be fair, last two years, 11th and 12th grades was my own fault, my mother had arranged so I could get to a school in the area she had moved to.

But grade 9 and 10 was basically hell on earth, and that's the fault of psycho-personnel and social services following their recommendations.

52:17 Believing one is doing good things is not sufficient to be good.

Believing your expertise tells you what's good is in some cases a superstition.

Priming your superstition over common rules like Honour thy father and thy mother, or common sense like Remember thy father and thy mother, for thou sittest in the midst of great men: and the key words being "thy" - not just any father or any mother, but thy very own - such priming is not being good.

1:06:50 Probably one of the most popular Bible passages among Leftists. Not that it's bad they like it, it's one of their good traits.

Unfortunately, Bertold Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle puts it upside down ...

"Brecht made a crucial change from the Chinese play which was his source. In it, it is the child's birth mother who lets go and wins custody of the child. Near the end of the prologue, the Singer says that this is an old story of Chinese origin, but with a modern re-write."

I wonder if there really is such a Chinese story, I am certain King Solomon was before they possibly made a story.

So, Brecht, a man who opted for East Germany and died in East Berlin, was promoting the Commie thesis that some children are best separated from their parents. I'd only agree in the case of Baal worshippers - or transgender surgeons willing to try their "talents" on their own children.

Here: Jeannette Cooper is giving a shoutout for:

PEC / Partners for Ethical Care

whereof she is a partner.

Going back some:

33:11 "No Child Protective Services or anybody else would think that is a good idea"

She doesn't know the CPS of Sweden?

When I was sent to SSHL, we were expressly forbidden continued homeschooling, despite ma having a good plan, that's actually in use for distance learning (Hermods) we were given two alternatives, either Bladins (a nearby school, especially back then known to take care of mentally handicapped) or SSHL (where the king had been - his son was on the other great boarding school, Lundsberg). If she refused to comply, there was some kind of threat to take me away from her custody.

So, I was being at 9th grade pushed into both separation trauma, and more harrassment (and it was due to harrassment that ma had homeschooled me in the first place in much of 8th grade).

Because a social service or CPS thought it was a good idea.

Extra link:

How We Got the $99 Divorce
By Norman Fulkerson (TFP)

Relevant quote : "He and his clients are obviously ignorant of the consequences of divorce on children. They would do well to read Judith Wallerstein’s New York Times bestseller, The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce."

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