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Taken to Task for YEC, Again ...

Recall my Answers to Fr. Gregory Pine, OP? · Taken to Task for YEC, Again ...

I stopped defending Pope Francis w/ Joe Heschmeyer
25th Nov. 2020 | Pints With Aquinas

I - First Thread!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
6:34 I think you just spelled out one reason why it is safer for a Catholic to be YEC.

If you start reinterpreting Genesis, there are more than one issues you could be tempted to reinterpret as well.

Mason Temiquel
So you think Adam and Eve gave birth to humanity 6000 years ago? That leads to so many more issues

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Mason Temiquel No, I go with the Roman Martyrology. 7200 years ago.

But yes, Adam and Eve.

What are your issues with that?

Mason Temiquel
@Hans-Georg Lundahl science clearly disagree with you. That is equivalent to beliving the earth is flat or the sun goes around the earth. An unnecessary belief

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Mason Temiquel "science clearly disagree with you."

Is that supposed to be an issue? Is science God Omniscient and All Truthful?

"That is equivalent"

Not to the former of the alternatives at any rate ...

"to beliving the earth is flat"

A proposition that I disbelieve, not because of scientific conclusions, but direct observations of geography, available in history.

"or the sun goes around the earth."

We actually do see the Sun do that ...

"An unnecessary belief"

Actually, Heliocentrism is unnecessary.

II - Second Thread

Mason Temiquel
Sounds more like a self report and not understanding church history, pope history, or your role as a Christian in the church

Hans-Georg Lundahl
At what point of heterodoxy can a Catholic conclude that an otherwise "apparent pope" is not a Catholic and therefore neither member nor head of the Catholic Church?

Mason Temiquel
@Hans-Georg Lundahl Christianity is founded on many unfalsifiable claims. So when you ponder if the pope is the pope it’s not going to be an easy answer for a Christian. The pope has done nothing against the doctrines of the church so the fuss is about his humanity. Which is hilarious because sinful popes are the foundation of Catholicism

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Mason Temiquel Nothing against the doctrines of the Church?

Well, sure, Pope Michael hasn't ... he just died.

Wait - did you mean Antipope Bergoglio?

Pachamama worship, whether considered as latreia or as duleia is somehow not against the doctrines of the Church?

Now, a Catholic Pope certainly may be sinful, personally act in ways not in accordance with the doctrine of the Church, but he cannot be an infidel who in public, even liturgic, action combats it. Ponder that difference!

And thanks for showing by your first sentence you are not a Christian. One more man bumping in when I was enjoying or trying to enjoy an internal discussion between Roman Catholics!

Mason Temiquel
@Hans-Georg Lundahl as a Catholic instead of evangelizing you excluded a seeker… so shame to that… and if you can point to pope Francis going against the church then air your grievance. There are methods to do so within the church. What seems to happen more times than not is that people have political views and they get sad when they aren’t pampered to

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Mason Temiquel "There are methods to do so within the church."

When criticising "Pope Francis" - a Pope to trump all previous Popes, like V-II was a Council to trump all previous Councils - those are blocked.

I don't see hecklers as ideal persons to evangelise to, and I don't see it as a full time duty for me to evangelise everyone within my reach - one good reason to decline succeeding Pope Michael, should I be offered that!

And as faithful to Pope Michael, I'm the one who's within the Church.

That it is idolatry to worship Pachamama is not a political view, it is obvious.

Mason Temiquel
@Hans-Georg Lundahl well. I bid you good luck with that :)

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Mason Temiquel Thank you!

And, again, it was by a man bumping in on an internal Christian discussion who was not a Christian. Please, note, Mason Temiquel is a fairly obvious pseudonym, and the comments here cited are from after I published the interaction with Paul Thompson. But they seem to be different persons. Dissimilar style, different types of content on youtube profiles.

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