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Monica Cline and Allie Beth Stuckey - Right on Much, Wrong on Some : First Half Plus a Video with Fulton J. Sheen on Related Topic

Monica Cline and Allie Beth Stuckey - Right on Much, Wrong on Some : First Half Plus a Video with Fulton J. Sheen on Related Topic · Abortions Out - Marriageable Age Down

How Sex Ed Convinces Kids to Have Sex | Guest: Monica Cline | Ep 663
18.VIII.2022 | Allie Beth Stuckey

12:35 Now, here is a bait and switch.

When Monica Cline wants me to condemn men having sex with ten year old girls (I presume she means knowing they are that age), I agree.

Now she is into "minors" which is an issue of federal law. A federal law saying a man can marry a man doesn't make "gay marriage" a marriage. And a federal law saying a twelve year old girl is victim of "statutory rape" doesn't make her a rape victim. She may be a victim of something else, like, seduction, by a man not intending to marry her, and that is offensive to any virgin, even 20's - but is not a federal offense.

Read The Alcalde of Zalamea*, in 16th C. Spain seduction was a capital offense, unless one married the virgin one had made no longer such - and in the same Spain, the limit for marriage was, in 1910 still, 14 for the husband and 12 for the wife. By now, it's 18, but case by case derogations can be given down to 14, with the younger person writing the letter to the judge.

Was a pretty good system until Spain introduced gay marriage in 2004.

*There are actually two plays of that title, same story from recent news, one by Lope de Vega, one by Calderón de la Barca. I think the one I read was a Swedish translation from Calderón.

15:21 Here Planned Parenthood was obviously grooming for non-marital and non-fertile relations, i e for perversion.

Like sex education in Swedish schools.

However, condom practise would not have been available to nine or ten year olds.

More like 14-15.

It may have changed since then.

23:07 Saying to 13 year olds they don't have to have sex at all, may be somewhat indirectly grooming for the solitary vice.

Unless the 13 year olds could:
  • use fasting and abstinence (more old style than present RC practise) as a means to reduce testosterone levels;
  • avoid school discos;
  • go to different classes, boys and girls;
  • and avoid the next class of sex education, by someone else and also any references to sex in the literature they read in English class.

And some who really are into the no-risk option could already at 13 quite school to join a monastery or at least get homeschooling while waiting for the monastery.

23:54 Boy and girl see each other at community centre over:

  • cinema;
  • snacks;
  • sodas.

Yeah, in the immediate beginning, they are being abstinent. I am not sure they will remain so and also abstain from the solitary vice. It may not involve a risk for STD's (morbus Kobolt is not transmitted), but it does involve a risk of eternal damnation. My guess is, such a relation may take a few months up to pregnancy ...

26:18 "our laws, based on our morality is : children cannot consent to sex"

Let's check a wiki about the US:

"In the United States, each state and territory sets the age of consent either by statute or the common law applies, and there are several federal statutes related to protecting minors from sexual predators. Depending on the jurisdiction, the legal age of consent is between 16 and 18. In some places, civil and criminal laws within the same state conflict with each other."

16 is two years after medium puberty age for a boy and four years of medium puberty age for a girl (actually a few months less).

Such laws (insofar as not simply pushing to disobedience) actually push teens into seeking relations with teens, meaning no economic prospect of marriage, meaning a kind of grooming.

Cuter grooming than the one involving abusive non-marital relations with 30 year old men, but still grooming.

In Sweden, the age of consent is 15. In Spain, 14.

I Cor. 7, 1b, 2, 8, 9: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. But for fear of fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. ... But I say to the unmarried, and to the widows: It is good for them if they so continue, even as I. But if they do not contain themselves, let them marry. For it is better to marry than to be burnt.

If you point to lots of teens who didn't in 1930, don't forget, they quit school earlier, had better chances of avoiding the other sex in classrooms (except teachers), weren't so overfed, weren't listening to as sexualised music, were often in works with fairly few and socially rewarding contacts, like already at a workplace as apprentices or preparing for a future marriage by doing housework for married people as housemaids. And many even then did get pregnant and many pregnant actually did marry - early.

Note for the mentions of "10" as age of consent in some states (CA and GA) in mid 19th C - this was an English speciality.

While Catholic countries had 12 as minimal age for girls either marrying or consenting to sex outside marriage, England had, actually, parallel legislations for both 10 and 12.

I'm obviously on the side of the Catholic 12 limit.

"until they are adults"

Well, when is one an adult in the sexually and maritally relevant sense? At puberty.

26:56 It's like asking "why are some teaching Mexicans to cross the Sonora desert safely, if the US law says they are not allowed to cross it?"

The law is clearly courting disobedience, and in Illinois, there is a "close in age" type of exception, the courting of disobedience to secular law is less grave, but, as my mother realised when she heard about the Swedish law, the law of God is likelier to be disobeyed that way, because it is likelier to provoke affairs that don't end in marriage and some of them in abortion, than if they had been allowed to marry already stable men.

27:08 Make a bad law and it's sure to normalise disobedience to itself, and especially as soon as factors making the already irksome obedience less hard back in 1918 crumble down.

27:19 If CA reduces the not only age of consent, but age of marriage to 14, that would be great.

29:08 It would not favour predators (defined as men not intending marriage) if the age of marriage was equally lowered and did not comprehend any "gay marriage" any more.

33:34 [was removed] To a person above puberty, sex education is not just suggestion, it's a kind of porn - unless certain themes are touched only very lightly.

|34:00 "even more tantalising subjects"

If the subject is already tantalising, this means, they would be better off if able to marry.

Thousands of economic and other obstacles to that, no need to add legal ones.|

33:42 I was watching a video about Youth and Sex by Mgr Fulton Sheen.

He was making the point, games are happy because there are limits. Very correct.

However, the Progressive era changed age limits upward.

That is a bit like changing the square of the baseball field from a side of 90 feet to a side of 90 yards - tell me what baseball player could make a homerun after that?

He also made the point that the then US (he died 1979) limit of juvenility to manhood was unusually long ... among Jews it was 13.

Here is Fulton Sheen's video:

Youth & Sex | Bishop Fulton Sheen
15th Aug. 2022 | Catholic 365

Here are my comments on that one:

0:46 I don't know what people he was adressing, but I do know that such days of peace have been seen in at least smaller places even after his death.

If he adressed youths in Chicago or LA or NYC, I guess he had a point, could be the case with Detroit too.

The story of the union seems to involve a hotel large enough to have its workers syndicated - again, large places.

3:31 I'd agree US displaced a boundary.

"[8] He that diggeth a pit, shall fall into it: and he that breaketh a hedge, a serpent shall bite him."
[Ecclesiastes 10:8]

11:30 Detail - not sure the horse would hear the same sounds as we.

An ape would not be able to hear the consonants. It has a rather thick ear. Longer auditory duct, bigger malleus, bigger incus and stapes too. An ear not made to hear human speech. A very good argument against our evolving from apes.

Now, I do not know where on the human to ape scale of ears a horse ear is ...

12:02 Now, that statement* seems to have gained the ring of stark paradox, like not locking your house at night!

What was the Enola Gay for this change, since his time?

* For those not watching the video : "everyone is either male or female, it's that simple" ...

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