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Charbel was Nearly a Muslim

Key word : nearly. Reminds me, his name, of Charbel Makhlouf, a local saint in Lebanon.

What Muslims Say to Convert Christians w/ Charbel Raish
26th July 2022 | Pints With Aquinas

2:13 In Islam they also eat from sunset to sunrise, if so inclined.

Older Catholic fasting discipline by limiting the quantity to one full meal a day, you eat your fill but don't overeat, perhaps a small collation at the evening (less than 250 g of solids) perhaps some biscuit along the coffee for breakfast (60 g) would actually be stricter than Ramadan. Taking the quantities recommended as limits from Konvertitenkatechismus, 1950, Paderborn, hence the metric measures.

Abstaining from meat, and even more so from meat, eggs and dairy, is a way of keeping testosterone levels a bit down.

the point is no one does that vs muslims who fast a compulsory fast for 30 days in a row every year plus do voluntary fasts every monday and thursday. muslims also pray 5 times a day everyday no matter what which helps encourage disciple. how many christian’s even pray once a week lol anyways don’t criticise muslims when they’re actually following their religion

Hans-Georg Lundahl
"the point is no one does that"

I am one of the Catholics who do try to abide by Roman Catholic fasting rules. 6 days a week from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday = 40 days, and there are other fast days over the year too.

We exist.

I would have succeeded better if Muslims and Protestants hadn't thought it a great thing to give me to eat when fasting, just because I was hungry.

Or did "does that" refer to Muslims partying all night, from sunset to sunrise, minus some hour, so it's completely dark?

Yes, in Paris the Muslims from Maghreb certainly do that.

This Holy Saturday, early in the morning, I wanted to keep the minute breakfast minute because of the fasting rule. It was also Ramadan and the Seder had been the evening before, but the items offered the day before, late on Good Friday, strictest fast day of the year, after I had eaten all licit meals, didn't look like including typical Pesakh foods of Judaism. A Christian who didn't think I wanted to keep fasting and considered one could start Easter early is possible, but not my priority suspicion.

He came back. He was meddling that Saturday morning with my luggage. I told him to go away. I pushed him when he refused and got kicked on the ground when hit hard enough to fall.

"don’t criticise muslims when they’re actually following their religion"

Not even when it inspires a dominant behaviour towards others?

And before you tell me we don't know if that was a Muslim, I know some in a pre-confinement years Summer Ramadan were pushing me to eat to much, I once had to shout because my kidneys were hurting. And before you tell me, I could have said "no thanks" - that's technically true, but when I said no thanks, someone was coming by a quarter of an hour later and making another offer. I ended up being half time annoyed and half time overeating. Until, as said, my kidneys hurt.

@Hans-Georg Lundahl you’re different then. most christians have abandoned their faith to appear more progressive and liberal. if you follow your religion correctly, good for you.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@k. And if Muslims allow me to do so, good for them.

3:36 In Austria, the sign of the cross involves thumb and pinky crossing for the two natures of Christ, and the rest of the fingers upright for - the Trinity.

I mean among Roman Catholics.

The "flat hand" sign of the cross is the Roman style, but it's not the only option available in the Catholic world.

6:41 Yeah, like Gandalf didn't dare to face the Balrog but was replaced by Saruman in Moria.

Seriously, Christ had a more salvific job to do than to just send one more demon tumbling back down to hell, so a replacement wouldn't do it.

7:33 I can testify to an "RCIA" (didn't call it that in Sweden) that took me from autumn 1986 to spring 1988, after I had already decided sooner or later to convert in 1984, after reading The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco and finding out Albigensians weren't Christians.

8:08 My mother started out warning me, and ended up basically accepting the Faith.

The "marital status" if one may call it so has stopped her from actually converting and receiving the sacraments.

With her it's a huge thing that Catholics actually take Luke 16:18 and Mark 10:11 as written.

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