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Great minds think alike ...

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Tom Zimmer and Donald Trump · New blog on the kid : Why I Don't Do Conspiracy Reporting · Some May Feel the Wall is Not God's Will · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Great minds think alike ...

... with each other and with some less great minds, even, so I am here not claiming to be as great a mind as Allie Beth Stuckey, just to see more than one point of agreement.

What the FBI Did to Trump, They'll Do to You | Ep 657
9.VIII.2022 | Allie Beth Stuckey

3:47 In AD 526, Theoderic the Great died.

He was an Arian, and technically, it was perfectly legal to be Catholic under him. He ended up executing a few Catholic Senators, most famous of whom was Boethius, who, while waiting for death wrote Consolation of Philosophy, a book CSL refers to so often, that he shortens it to "the Consolation" (just as a book by St. Thomas of Kempis shortens to "the Imitation").

He also executed - murdered - Pope John (John I, I think).

Meanwhile, being Arian under Catholic rulers was illegal typically.

What was the problem? Well, you have pointed to a few more recent Secularists,


What a great way to describe it!

4:28 Christo-Fascist Fundamentalist sounds great!

Let's hope it doesn't get that far (though Apocalypse saying what it does, I am not confident on that aspiration), but if it does, you may get to the point of seeing Francisco Franco had a real point when Red Thugs were raping nuns and killing priests and legally elected President Azaña did naaaaaadha to stop them.

5:05 [Allie Beth Stuckey describes leftist takeovers of institution after institution, media, crime repression or education ...]

Wait, are you enumerating scales on the body of a "beast of terrible aspect"?

5:31 ... you mean, Communism in 1990 did a strategic retreat (like Sauron from Dol Guldur) and we have now seen the regrouping?

Or at least a beginning of it?

Sounds fun - if you prefer times to be interesting over peaceful (less fun otherwise).

20:05 [Allie Beth Stuckey describes how the left feel that they both are and fight for the underdog]

Reminds me how Foxe and Bale were so successfully arguing in England that Protestants were the underdog - a few decades after Elisabeth had usurped the throne left by Mary Tudor and the rightful heir of which was Mary Queen of Scots.

20:26 While a Fascist, I am far from believing all Fascism is good.

Democrats were acceptable when Chesterton noted them for "Rome, rhum and rebellion" - except in the states they were doing racist things about Negros - but since then they have come to become a fairly rotten one ...

Chesterton died 1936, for reference.

26:02 Wait, you were not describing Fascism overall, you were describing Hitlerism - like his inextricable relations with IG Farben and a few more.

While Fascism doesn't like a very big corporation to be an independent actor, and I believe, neither do you when you look at Disney or Twitter, there are other solutions.

Under Dollfuss and Schuschnigg, the Mining industry in Upper Austria simply had to give the state a majority of shares (by printing more shares? by the state buying up some, a certain portion from each large shareholder? I don't know) and overall, Austrofascism kept businesses fairly small.

If you heard of the Austrian wine scandal in 1986, it was from the two single biggest vineyards in Austria or two of the biggest ones, selling to German supermarkets, and most vineyards in Austria are rather the size of making wine to serve over the bar in the 300 non-harvest and non-vinification days of the year, up to next harvest. Is a Fascism really bad in your eyes, if that's the size of companies they promote by taxation and other legal things?

29:18 Welcome to the club!

I reached this conclusion, and concluded Waldensians were a heresy for not believing in any kind of Christian power back when I was a teen.

Not as bad as Albigensians, but serving their evil interests.

A kind of limited Albigensianism - "all of the material creation isn't evil, but power and armed violence is" - supported by ill-understood passages of the Gospels. That's when I came to believe the Inquisition was not evil (though it might be stupid to try to get it back by now) and decided to become a Catholic, as the Inquisition was my one remaining defense of the Reformations (which otherwise looked pretty close to Commie takeovers!), around 1984 after Christmas to early 1985.

35:15 You are basically saying Donald Trump is likely to get a second mandate, like Kim Clement said he would?

36:12 I did a few gematrias on Biden, and JRBIDENJR (read as J. R. Biden Jr. but all capitals and no spaces or dots, as St. John would have preferred it on Patmos) in ASCII values, has a fairly scary ring (he's not first and he's from inland).


This was removed from youtube, saved to Blaze TV:

Blaze TV, Relatable with Allie Stuckey, ep. 630, with Julie Kelly about Jan. 6

42:40 Stacey Abrams' reminds me so of what I hurried to leave when in 1985 - 86 I decided to hurry up converting from Lutheran to Catholic.

Not just that, as she is of Methodist "communion" she is of the Porvoo "Communion" - in communion with mainstream Anglicans, Lutherans (Swedish Church, not Augustana Synod) and with Moravians.

Like the judge who decided Kitzmiller v Dover, like the Church ussher and abortion doctor that Bob Dear shot ... glad I left that scum.

43:53 In fact, there are situations where a given other person's life is really less worth than my autonomy.

If I am on a French or US ship in the Mediterranean in 1829 and meet a Pirate Ship from Algiers, I have a right to shoot pirates down ... because they take Christian slaves (not sure of this particular year US had an agreement with them or was fighting them).

Exodus 21:16 He that shall steal a man, and sell him, being convicted of guilt, shall be put to death.

Note, judicial execution requires proven guilt, self defense requires only presumable intent.

As said, I was not saying I was as great a mind as she, and Allie's final rant was less flattering than thought-provoking to me.

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