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... on slavery and Bible (without exhausting the subject)

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CultOfDusty : Black Christians = Uncle Toms
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I (Leviticus)
From among the foreigners who live among you ... sure. The Ashanti Kingdom were close neighbours to most Slave Masters ... and rightyho, there were no slave owners who did not buy their slaves straight from an Ashanti slave market ... or, wait a minute, you said there was a SHIP between the Ashanti slave markets and the ones in South Carolina? Leviticus 25 says nothing about that ship .... and the foreigners that lived among Israelites of old were usually same race and after a few generations their descendants were often integrated into Jewish families ... no black man suffered from that one.
II (Exodus)
But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners ... sure, slave masters never sold slaves to anyone having a different religion from themselves, Anglicans only sold to Anglicans, Catholics only to Catholics ... wait a minute, is that the historical truth about South Carolina before Lincoln remade the South?
Same passage:

And if the slave girl's owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave ... I reckon things like that might have happened in Louisiana, among Catholics. But not really very often in South Carolina back when it was a slave state.
IV (St Paul)
NT, Ephesians 6, passage in complete from verse 5:

Servants, be obedient to them that are your lords according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the simplicity of your heart, as to Christ: [6] Not serving to the eye, as it were pleasing men, but, as the servants of Christ doing the will of God from the heart, [7] With a good will serving, as to the Lord, and not to men. [8] Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man shall do, the same shall he receive from the Lord, whether he be bond, or free. [9] And you, masters, do the same things to them, forbearing threatenings, knowing that the Lord both of them and you is in heaven; and there is no respect of persons with him.

You got the final verse? Here it is again:

And you, masters, do the same things to them, forbearing threatenings, knowing that the Lord both of them and you is in heaven; and there is no respect of persons with him.

No threatenings? Well, after what you just told, that was NOT correctly applied in Dixie, not everywhere at any rate (General Lee might have applied it before actually freeing his slaves).

I Timothy 6 has a continuation as well, from verse 17:

Charge the rich of this world not to be highminded, nor to trust in the uncertainty of riches, but in the living God, (who giveth us abundantly all things to enjoy,) [18] To do good, to be rich in good works, to give easily, to communicate to others, [19] To lay up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on the true life.

Would usually include doing so to slaves as well ...

So that the name of God may not be blasphemed ... Romans had basically had it with Spartacus about a century ago [as it was back then], and if Christians started behaving like Spartacus, well ... you see what I mean?
V (Leviticus again)
2:50 or 02:50 .... in the slave states they were of course paying in the sanctuary shekel, were they?

NOT? In US Dollars? Leviticus 27 does not authorise that!

[It is not even about slavery at all, but about redemption of a certain kind of vows. How convenient for the Cult of Dusty to leave out the first verse, which makes that clear.]
VI (Jesus Christ)
Luke 12 - slavery is used as a comparison. Not as a thing recommended in itself.
VII (St Peter)
I Peter 2:18 - "etiam dyscolis" would rather mean "also those who are bad tempered" (that is what dyscolus means).

Would you counsel anyone to be proud against a bad tempered boss if what he risked was not getting fired and getting perhaps a better boss, perhaps living as a bum, but rather getting whipped by someone trying to beat the "smartass" out of him?
VIII (on how black slaves became Christians)
At first they must have thought it bullshit ... sure, African religions they were used to before were so totally Confucian or Buddhist without any kind of supernatural content ... right?

Ah, slave masters with whips were the main catechists when black slaves became Christians ...? Really? Whipping was most used for that?

I mean, no whipping or anything like that for refusing to work, or for mislaying or stealing a spade or something ... just for refusals to believe the Bible ... not.
Ah, brow beaten generation after generation until they had no choice but to believe this ...? Wait, are you telling me black men became Christians exactly like since then often White Men (especially in states without legal homeschooling) became Evolution believers? Ah, satirising evolution, are you? Is that your game?

"If you are black and a Christian, you have a real short memory." Chris Rock.

Ah, he IS a comedian. Like someone said you are not, but let's not get into that. He has no doubt figured that one out by himself, no kind of debt intellectually to people producing Beverly Hills Cop II or anything ... I mean it is well known how people in showbiz are encouraged to keep their Christian faith, as Kate Perry shows ... not.
If Hell fire is for real, slave traders made the black man's ancestor a huge favour ... yes, both the black pagan slave trader and the white not-so-christian slave trader incidentally did so. And some Christian slave owners really did so too, not incidentally.

BUT Hell fire being for real is also a discouragement for ... slave trade. At least for those businessmen who did the actual enslaving a previously free man part. But from Wilberforce on it became so for other slave traders too. Guess why the then more Christian and Royalist Canadians (and the loyalists of 13 states who fled to Canada) were happy to give up slavery and slave trade?

Yes, they were Christians. And the Bible enumerates those who enslave [previously free and legally innocent men] among those going to Hell.

And no, the gratitude black men owe white men is not of the reparations kind.
My Bible quotes from:
Douai Reims Bible Online
Except I Peter 2:
See here, both Douai Reims and Vulgate

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