Monday, July 7, 2014

... on Who's the Right Pope and on Grandchildren of Reformation Finding Back to Veneration of Saints

Video a) commented on
WARRIOR Cassie Bernall
Chris Hicks
Video b) commented on
She Said Yes
Marco Valencia
Video c) commented on
"Thank You": A Rachel Joy Scott Tribute Video
own comment on both all three videos
Catholics who do not think Bergoglio is the Pope have basically two choices on who is. Pope Michael or Pope Alexander.

Acc. to Alexander Cassie and Rachel would be in Hell for not having been Catholics. Michael is MY Pope.
Under mine
On c)
Michael Wallner
She gave everything for what she believed.
On b)
Start a chain reaction, Accept Rachel's Challenge. 1. Eliminate Prejudice by looking for the best in others 2. Dare to Dream-Set Goals-Keep a Journal 3. Choose your influences-input determines output 4. Kind words-Small acts of kindness-HUGE impact 5. Start a Chain Reaction with family and friends ( copy and paste if you accept Rachel's Challenge.)
On a)
Cassie Long

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