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Two Comments on Watching Trey Smith's Jurassic

The video
Jurassic (HD) 2015 -- OFFICIAL dinosaur TRUTH documentary. The REAL Jurassic WORLD.
Trey Smith

It's a trailer for a longer DVD.

My comment one:
St George is one of my patron saints.*

No, he did NOT become a saint by killing a dragon. He was a saint, a man living the life of the Holy Trinity in his soul, before he killed the dragon. And he became canonised as a saint, by being killed for his Christian faith.

23 Aprilis. Natalis Sancti Georgii Martyris [heavenly birthday of St George, Martyr] cujus illustre martyrium [of which the illustrious martyrdom] inter Martyrum coronas Ecclesia Dei veneratur [the Church of God venerates among the crowns of Martyrs].

His main business was not killing that dragon. His main business was remaining faithful to God while his former fellow Roman Soldiers were training "interrogation and intimidation techniques" of very advanced types in order to see if he would save his life by apostasising and becoming legal again. He didn't. THAT is why 23 April is a feast, and killing the dragon was child's play compared with that.

* Hans = Iohannes = John, either St John the Baptist or St John the Disciple whom Jesus Loved
Georg = see above
Mikael = another dragon defeater. Who beat a bigger and older dragon, of non reptilian origin.
Elitzur probably means I have some OT patrons in Heaven as well.

Occasioned by blunder:
"It is by killing the dragon that he became a saint."

No, Beowulf killed both a giant or troll and its mother AND much later a dragon, but he enjoys no cult of sainthood, since he is presumed to have died a Pagan. But main thing, as above, sainthood is about more than killing dragons.

The occasion for my next comment, at 30:36, was Trey Smith mentioning how some scientists work for very little income.

My comment two:
30:36 Some of them do it for very little income.

I am not a scientist, but I am a science critic.

Take a look at this:

Some of it is science criticism, some has to do with other aspects of Iserbyt's book, especially since homeschooling is worse off in Europe than in US, some is other Christian stuff. I am Catholic. That might not sit well with your pastor.

If he has any objections to that, I refer him to this blog:

But even if objections remain, there will be things on my blog which he MIGHT like, or which you might like even if he doesn't.

[Should have said blogS, in the plural, btw!]

In France I am targetted, in certain ways.

Some say that my blogs are infringing on "la laïcité" - the separation of Church and state. Unlike 1 or 2 amendment, the French law of 1905, in a state no longer quite in existence (that was III Republic, now is V Republic) really was about divorcing the state from the Church, and also pillaging. Obviously heirs of that attitude will pretend my blogs are illegal or immoral and they are doing me a favour by hindering publishing.

Some say I am a kind of new St Francis. I am not, I never claimed to be, I never vowed poverty for life in that sense, I would not commit sacrilege against such a state of life (since I am not in it), nor against prophecy, since I am not pretending to be a prophet, just a writer, by taking an income, if offered according to my conditions.

Some say I am ungrateful to Muslims. Always attacking them (yes, I actually dated my post from 22 october "Sts Nunilon and Alodia, Virgin Martyrs of Huesca, 22-X-2015", and the régime in Huesca back then was a Muslim one!), despite them always giving me alms, including sweets that I like so much ... I actually have lost quite a few teeth since this generosity on their side and this ungratitude on my side started. But 22-X IS Sts Nunilon and Alodia (ok, there are other saints too, but Élodie is a popular name in France). And Mohammed was NOT a prophet of God any more than Joseph Smith. Is it totally ungrateful of me to not take that observation down from all of my blogs, where I put it last time in 3 September this year ... very briefly, in the context you can check here: ?

But supposing I were, would it not be better for them if I came off the street, ceased begging, by becoming published on paper in paid book or booklet versions too?

So, I am doing my work literally for, at the moment, VERY little income. Thanks for mentioning other honourable people who are doing their stuff same way (or even with some more than I have)!

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