Monday, February 22, 2016

... on Hebrew Gematria for Harry - retort given and withdrawn

1) New blog on the kid : King James and Mary Tudor, the cat, the dog, the cog, 2) Some of the Main Suspects, 3) So, am I a suspect, before I go on citing others?, 4) Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Hebrew Gematria for Harry - retort given and withdrawn

Why Prince Harry does not want you to see this Video
PrinceHarry 666

10:10 May I exonerate Prince Harry somewhat? My ma studied Hebrew. Harry may or may not transliterate with one resh, I think it is one even when geminated, but you add some dots above or below. But the resh comes after beth, since it is not hAAri, but hAri, and the short A is not initial, so it doesn't have a Knacklaut onset either. Unless you refer to some non-standard way of spelling Hebrew. Have you looked the names and titles up in Hebrew form?

14:18 Google translate is NOT infallible either for translation or for transcription. Have you looked transcriptions from Google translate up in other sources, like Hebrew wikipedia? Or better still, material from British Embassy in "Israel"?

[update next day: Harry seems correctly transliterated after all, don't know why, but here is Harry Truman in Hebrew: הארי טרומן]

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