Saturday, May 14, 2016

Are Rabbis giving me more and more time to declare myself as "Messiah" as in Antichrist?

Look at this video:

Why The Antichrist Will Be Revealed on 30 August 2016 ?!
The Antichrist News

You are reading the date "Will Be Revealed on 30 August 2016 ?!" - right?

When I first watched it, the date was 5 May 2016.

Now, 5 May 2016 was Ascension Day 2016. As I was a bit worried they might be doing me such a trick, I am on that day concerned also to show myself as a Christian.

So, on a somewhat short internet times available to me that day, I make these posts:

Si les esprits ne viennent pas aux médiums, pourquoi ça marche?
Thursday, 5 May 2016
Posted by Hans Georg Lundahl at 09:42

I give the explanation by St Thomas Aquinas, with some explicatory details of my own observation.

Then hoping to finish the day on a purely Devout tone, I post this:

Bonum Festum Ascensionis Domini lectoribus Christi fidelibus exopto.
Thursday, 5 May 2016
Posted by Hans Georg Lundahl at 09:43

But on FB, I find a very disturbing story, and I find it should be made known:

Also wishing an end to CPS, as they are
Thursday, 5 May 2016
Posted by Hans Georg Lundahl at 10:15

I think I made it very clear, I was not declaring myself as Antichrist or - in the language they would have wanted "Messiah of Israel" that day.

I think I made it very clear that, by the grace of God, I am a Christian Roman Catholic (see feast wish in Latin), I believe what the Church believes about divination (see French message on apparent success of superstitious divination), and abhor the Antichristian, truly such, Child Protective Services of Norway (as of my own country Sweden, which I have left).

Some network has decided to "give me more time", and the date announced on videos (all of a series, including one by Brother Nathanael) is now changed from May 5th this year to August 30th this year.

I was just listening, and what the Christian girl was telling people was to ignore whoever is claimed to be "Messiah".

I suppose the rabbis are using the Bible Code as by Rabbi Glazerson again.

He also predicted the advent of Messiah in Pesach 2012.

It coincided, then too, with a Catholic Feast : Easter started and ended a few days later than Pesach and so had coinciding days.

I was careful, back then too, to make it clear, I am not claiming to be Messiah.

There was a video where he showed the reading, he decided it may have been about wrong year after Creation, one should have not counted the year of Deluge ... I saw the reading too, though I do not know Hebrew, and I had another interpretation - but one also involving correctness of the reading, it was just his interpretation which was wrong.

I wonder whether Christians will all agree to "ignore me" as in "do not follow him" (God's word, but about those claiming Messianity, normally) as long as the rabbis are giving me more time?

I was not using the time they had given me before, and will not be using the time they give me now, other than to repeat that Jesus is the Messiah.

BUT, while Christians ignore me and do not even play my music, they are stealing away my carreer opportunities as a writer and composer.

Update, the video with the girl is showing a text where rabbi so and so has predicted advent of Messiah « At the end of this Sabbatical year », namely the one which « will » (back then was going to « be ending on 29th Day of Elul, which by Gregorian Calendar falls on Saturday, September 12, 2015 ».

So, the owner of the channel has taken old videos – in themselves perfectly good ones ! – and then gone on to change, not the dates spoken or show in writing on videos, that he could not, but the dates shown in title of the video, which he could change.

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