Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Obnoxiousness from Moderators

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Your account has been locked for the following reason:

This change will be lifted: Never

Circ would be short for what I got when they tried that previous time: circumvention of moderator activity. Above was account hglundahl, below is account johngeorge:

Your account has been locked for the following reason: circumvention

This change will be lifted: Never

I just had enough time to repost previous* message, nrs I and VIII, under new screenname (no false name, straight translation of hansgeorg).

Let us put it like this: moderators seem to lack the verve needed to do actual debating and to have some irritation against those who have it. Their lack of that verve is then - with some help of for instance some women incapable of discussing among men and not knowing it - construed as a virtue about which they are quite humourless: circumventing moderator action is in itself a major offense to them, even if they cannot point or do not point to actual offenses in the things said.

One moderator gave me five points about a few precisely underlined words in a PM: I had not known that the recipient was a lady, or I would have worded it otherwise (not meaning one should be offensive to men, but that some words sound harsher if adressed to ladies. Apart from that moderator activity, which I am blamed for circumventing, has been a kind of irrational tyranny.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Library University of
Univ. de Picardie-Jules Verne
31 - V - 2012

PS: I did send the lady another PM to tell her I was sorry. And no, since she has a boyfriend (a Catholic, maybe her reason for being on those forums), she is not quite a love interest for me.

* "Invalid thread":
Is marriage of two people, one or both of whom is homosexual, but of opposite sex possible?

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