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... on Human Chromosome II, and Divine Creator's Honesty, to a RC Evolutionist

Excerpt from All Comments on "How To Shut Up Pesky Creationists"
on pariskillton's channel

Hans-Georg Lundahl (answering points made in video)

OK, you are a Roman Catholic.

So am I. Or - better - I am a Roman Catholic. But one of us got wrong what RC means, or at best, Pius XII in HG made room for this debate. By giving a dispensation to what you just said, what I am claiming has always been legitimate for RCs.

I am, namely, a YEC.

"YEC are Protestants and Trent condemned Protestant heresies" - Sure, such as denying sacrifice of the mass, 72 books (vs 66, or for that matter 73 vs 66 if you count Baruch separate) but not YEC.

Now, in general, it is often heard that if such and such a piece of evidence is rejected, that makes the creator deceptive.

I fully grant that if God had created star light light beams for stars that never existed and that we see by the light beams star explosions from before they could start existing, or if God had created dino bones, that would be deceptive.

But if those deceived are not all and every observer, but only some interpreter, God is no more deceptive than by writing the Bible by which the ones who want to deceive themselves do deceive themselves if they are for instance Protestants proving Christ did not found a visible Church or Jews proving Christ is not the Christ.

God did put those pieces of evidence into the Bible, these people interpreting the Bible (66 books or corresponding OT) are deceived, and yet God is not their deceiver.

Because God did not chose how they would interpret those things.

How does this apply to Human Chromosome II corresponding to Chimp Chromosome xiii and another Chimp Chromosome?

First of all, a fusion at a very specific place will not do it. There are, excepting that fusion, 13 other chromotypal or karyotypal dislocations, plus hundreds of thousands of loci mutations. Not sure whether that means "on the human side" or "overall on both sides at the shortest between human and chimp".

So, human chromosome II looks like not exactly chimp xiii plus chimp z, but human II looks rather like (chimp z° + chimp xiii)*13 translocations*100.000 loci mutations.

Not exactly as if God had given very clear either deceptive or true evidence that human chromosome II resulted from a fusion of ancestor*(chimp z + chimp xiii).

God can have created chimp z and chimp xiii modelled loosely, very loosely, on human II.

But obviously God did foresee what evolutionists would do of this, as well as what Heliocentrics would do - leading at length to Distant Starlight problem - with the phenomenon they call parallax.

Now, studying the chromosomes or the parallax is hardly the main occupation of ordinary man. As for those who do study them, often in hope of contradicting Genesis or Joshua, God can have said: "mundus decipi vult, ergo decipiatur".

Your observation about what God would be deceptive would actually be more at its place when it comes to observations more commonly seen by men, even without special study hopes and agendas: like sunrise at morning or sunset at evening. Are you sure that Heliocentrism does not equal a deceptive God who plants deceptive evidence?

I think that was Pope Urban VIII's own argument against Galileo. He was not one of the judges, since he had been insulted in Dialogo.


Hey...Here we discuss with OTHER people. This is not your personal blog!

Hans-Georg Lundahl

I was discussing with the guy on the video. Feel welcome to respond to what I was writing, I will discuss with you too.


the video is >5 years old and I HIGHLY doubt Dr. Miller even comes to Youtube to watch his own videos let alone looks at the comments here; you want to discuss with him? email him at his office...

Hans-Georg Lundahl

Do you have his email?


''I was discussing with the guy on the video.'' Did he respond?

Hans-Georg Lundahl

As yet I have not gotten the info through to him yet. Do you happen to know the university, so I can get the email?

Btw, feel free to discuss my points too, since they are directly related to content of video.

°chimp z, I could for obvious reasons not call it chimp x or chimp y, since x and y are already taken for sex chromosomes.

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