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... correcting Hovind on Beowulf, Sigurd and Nerluc

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ThePICDeathrAD : Kent Hovind - Dinosaurs (FULL)
Sigfrid, the Norwegian hero ... he was appreciated as Sigurd in Norway, but he was not himself from Norway.

Norse sagas say he came from Jutland after his father was slain in battle (and his father Sigmund was king of "Hunaland" ... like "land of the Huns").

German legend (which calls him Siegfried) says he came from Xanten by the Rhine.

But, like Beowulf, he slew a dragon.

Just remember, in Beowulf, Grendel is not the dragon. It is a humanoid shape but very little communication skills, like his mother. The dragon in the Beowulf connexion has no name.

If Sigurd's dragon Fafnir has this name, this is because he supposedly was a shapeshifting magician before becoming a dragon.

And Sigurd (if he lived and is not simply a copy of his father Sigmund, who was the dragon slayer of that family in a song sung in the Beowulf poem) lived about 1500 years ago, or more, a little earlier than Beowulf.

He actually lived earlier than Attila. Beowulf was somewhat later.

Nerluc ... that was the old name of the town (or the Frenchified later form of it). It was named Tarascon after the Tarasque which was their name for the dragon.

And the Tarasque at "Nerluc" was captured by St Martha of Bethany.

But Hovind left that one out, because he did not want to get into Roman Catholic "worship of Saints".

Short link: ppt . li/dr
Video just stopped right at 0:45:17. You know how eager French Freemasons are for this kind of stuff to come out. They stop me from seeing this (yes this is in a public library, and no, its personnel is not massonic at all, at least I never saw them wear the aprons, but on the other hand I do not visit lodges, so I would not be invited when they wear aprons, and of course this is absolutely the first time a video of precisely Hovind or other stuff with similar conventional wisdom stops short while I am watching in this library here ...) because they fear my small criticism of details might just possibly deter from the general message of Hovind. I think they might be a bit over protective there. At least, my own intention was just to correct Hovind on the details. Not to oppose him in the general theme of dinosaurs being equal to dragons.
Ah ...
Video might be working again. How nice!
On Job 38:35 - God is maybe rather telling Job (and us) that lightnings are not mere physical phenomena, they are more like spirits moving the physical, but not independently but answering to God.

In Baruch 3 the stars also answer to God. Meaning, obviously, the spirits that move them.
"I think God is asking Job these questions to change Job's attitude" in other words to make him humble. I have not yet looked up Pope Saint Gregory's Moralia in Hiob on this one (I should, I know), but my hunch is he could have wanted to show the friends Job was humble. Already.
I commented on that one about a month ago:
Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : Was God Preparing Job for Judgement Day? Was Job proud?
Light has a way, darkness has a place.

That light moves and darkness does not is not necessarily due to modern rocket science that we know it. If you open a door in a dark room, it is the light that invades the room not the darkness that invades the light space outside the room.

It has perhaps an implication about eschatology.

Hell is a place of darkness. Heaven - at least on the stellar level and below - is a way of light.
Supposing Behemoth was a bronto or brachio ... how come it was taken for "elephant or hippo"?

Pretty easy. Those fellers are close to hippos in natural behaviour. And they may well have been used as precursors of battle elephants - if you look at the Narmer stele or tablet or whatever.

Egyptologists call them serpopards (fabulous leopard with serpent neck and head). I think brachios or brontos are at least as likely. I do not think they found fur clearly depicted in "leopard parts".
I return again to the theory that cars got Hovind in trouble.

Here he actually says Ford was wrong in the logo for the Thunderbird model ... some people around the Ford company might not have appreciated that.

Unless it was rather some owners of Thunderbird cars.

[Thunderbird in Indian legend, identified as pterodactyl by Hovind, Thunderbird logo on cars = eagle.]

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