Sunday, May 18, 2014

... on a Mathematical Fable from Harvard with a Question to its Author Barry Mazur

A Mathematical Fable

Barry Mazur, I am not much Harvard minded previously since learning about how the University in question destroyed the intellect and possibly soul of one John Romanides. I am still less Harvard minded since learning that though the Black Mass was cancelled on campus, it was just moved to the next China Restaurant.

BUT, what you state about scaling up and down triangles ... I think I got it and one Rick DeLano missed it in this debate:

HGL's F.B. writings : Internet Trouble and Pontifical Malfaisance, plus a Trap in Discussion

It has some intro about internet matters, but the main dish is a continuation of second debate from previous message.

IF - and on Geocentric tenets I hold that is the case - all we have is an angle per a time period (like 0.76 arc seconds back and forth each half year for α Centauri, obvious one, since greatest angle of positive parallax), we do not know how long any sides are. One can imagine them scaled up and down at pleasure.

Or would you put distance from Earth to Sun into the triangle including that angle on a Geocentric view?

Apart from these points, I think the king was stupid to not fire his surveyor who changed the story about how the pieces of land really looked from day to day.

And the counsellor was stupid or dishonest for not suggesting it.

[As far as I had patience to watch it, that is.]

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