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... on a Spoof about Catholic Exegesis, with Redress, of Spoof Issue and of Real Issue

Let's Make a Catholic Dogma!

"This video got me to really thinking about how easy it is to create a "works" type of salvation just like the RCC does."

Feeding doves is not bad. Nor is it compatible with normal Catholic piety to:

  • throw away bread you have even if birds could have it,
  • shoot all pigeons even if you have bread to feed them with ...

UNLESS you are really bothered with them and even then you might do better to shoot part and feed the rest. And fry the ones you shoot.

Hey, did you just delete two of my comments because you were too well refuted?

[I had left two comments under that one, and now I cannot find them. Rewriting:]

Let us refute, once again, same method better applied, your spoofy version of dove feeding.

The key point was that dove is holier as a symbol than sinful man. Therefore that what applies to the least of Christ's brethren much more must apply to doves.

No. Doves are not only symbols, and as what they are they are worth less than man.

In OT a couple of doves could be sacrificed to redeem a firstborn - the Holy Family did so with Jesus. But when it comes to sacrificing Isaac, God provides a ram so he is not sacrificed. When it comes to physical comforts, man is certainly worth getting attention from fellow men than doves are.

Men are even more worth than doves. Sparrows are said by Christ to be less worth than man.

But there is another thing to it. Doves and sparrows have little other to do than eat food all day long. So they can feed on crumbs and sometimes even worse things. If that was what you deleted the comment for, I am not being so precise this time. But get to a city like Paris or Rome or Venice, and watch for yourself.

Man needs a decent meal, and if he has no land, no work, etc. he needs it from other people. Not feeding or clothing a fellow man if you have a good opportunity, if you do not think he is a scam who steals alms, if you are in no economic or time schedualwise distress yourself for doing so, well, you have a few things you can give him the day you meet him, like feeding, clothing, roof or even bed if you wish not to go to Hell.

I mentioned "if you have no economic or time schedualwise distress for doing so" since one Church had been so zealous to follow the words of Our Lord that they had started abandoning their own needs to look after others, and St Paul said that was not the purpose.

If you want to buy a sandwich (Paris is famous for the subs, there are quite a few Subways, but the subs in smaller private owned sandwicheries are better), if you see a beggar, you can very well buy your sandwich first, and then give him of what you have left over. But if out of principle, just because you never give to beggars, you refuse to give the beggar despite having both money and time and especially if he looks hungry and emaciated, well, you are in that case buying a ticket downstairs, not building any stairway to Heaven.

And now for the Mariology.

Co-Redemptrix as well as Sin Free go very well into the words "benedicta tu in mulieribus", since these words are only said about three women, and since the Blessed Virgin did not destroy any HUMAN enemy like Sisera or Holophernes, but rather a non-human one. The old serpent.

Great Bishop of Geneva! : Patrick Madrid is right about kecharitomene and blessed among women

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