Wednesday, September 17, 2014

... on Tara Maya's advice, and on missing her list

Five People Who Don't Want You to Write Your Novel...And One (Who Will Surprize You) Who Does
Tara Maya

11:51 my educated guess on who wnats me to write ....

  • myself? No, too obvious, you said it would be a surprise.
  • my reader.

Now, let's hear the rest of the rant and see if I was wrong.

18:30 I am beginning to suspect the one who wants me to succeed is ... you? As running the workshop?

AH ... my first guess was right!

21:25 speaking of readers ... hope you told KC the story doesn't end just because she turns the last page. She or he can always read it again. And again. And again. And .... I used to read LotR at least 10 times in English, forgotten exact number of times I read the Narnia stories, and guess where I learnt English more than just at school (I am Swedish)?

Hoping to regain the peace of circumstances and mind in which I can reread LotR. Meanwhile, though not really full time novelling at all, I am a full time essay writer.

23:34 LOTS of books written centuries ago are no longer read and loved. Many of those that are, are not shown in original shape. Gulliver's Travels and Robinson Crusoe has had cloath and cloathes modernised to cloth and clothes, Enid Blyton has suffered new editions when older ones are not PC any more. Tolkien gave a terrible review of a 16th C. novel about Pigwiggen, and I have no intention of breaking the trend.

Writing a novel that is read after you die is a piece of mastership - what in the guilds of material crafts they call masterpieces - and it is also a piece of luck.

Two poets prophecied correctly their poem would last for ever. Horace with exegi monumentum aere perennius. The other one may have not been speaking of his poem, but of the Hail Mary it was a masked version of:

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Sonnet 18 - Shakspear's Hail Mary (or one of them)

Random publicity for one of her novels (not yet read it myself): : STRAT (a military science fiction novel) [Kindle Edition]
Tara Maya (Author)

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