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... on an Amerindian story about a prayer, an Eagle and a Sun, and responding as a Christian

At start of a video, most of which I have not seen yet (may link later):

The Eagle took a prayer to the Sun ... reminds me of St Thomas Aquinas' words about people who approaching the palace of the King see a guard in fine livery and think he is the king. The Sun is not God, just a servant.

Lee Allen
the sun was a god here for a long time be for your god ever got over here show some respect that kind of thanking ( your god is the only god ) was and still is part of the problem

Hans-Georg Lundahl
All men are brothers mean all men have the same ancestor.

This man worshipped one God, not many different ones.

You may have forgotten how you came to worship many gods, it happened before you came to America, and you have forgotten that too. We who stayed back had a memory.

Hebrews - of which Christians are a non-ethnic descendant people - recall how men afraid of another Flood built a Tower under an evil chief, Nimrod. He was to worshippers of the true God sometimes like English / Yankee nations have been to your nations.

And in his time worship of other gods than the true god started.

The Sun is not God. But the Sun is not just a ball of fire either as far as I can see. Or as far as I can reason as a Christian Theologian (not an accredited one, my Bishop has given me no authority, but every believer is in some way a Theologian). Rather, the Sun is a servant of the true God.

Joshua spoke to God and the told the Sun to stand still - and it did - while Joshua routed very evil enemies.

Agamemnon prayed to many gods, including the Sun. One day he wanted to rout a Trojan army before it could take shelter in Troy. He prayed to the Sun. And the Sun went on.

The Greeks observed the long day when Joshua told the Sun what to do as much as the Hebrews did, or Agamemnon would not have had the idea of praying to the Sun.

When he failed, they could not take that the Sun had listened to a Hebrew (an enemy of their Philistine cousins) but not to a Greek. Even later the Sun returned two lines on a sundial, also for a Hebrew. So the Greeks mixed the two miracles, made up the story that the Sun had gone backward and that it was when Agamemnon's father Atreus had done a bad thing to his brother Thyestes.

They said, "when Atreus slaughetred the son of Thyestes and cooked the flesh for the father to eat and then taunted his brother, the Sun was so horrified he rose in the West and set in the East". But the real story is that once, in the time of Joshua, the Sun stood still, when Joshua ordered him, and Agamemnon, the son of Atreus could not get a similar favour, so he wanted this to be forgotten, and that later the sun went back two hours when a King of Judah told the prophet Isaiah that was the sign he wanted in order to believe him.

The Sun is an obedient servant, much like the eagle in your story. And not God.

A poor man goes to a palace to see the King. He sees a palace guard in very fine and stately uniform and says "this must be the king", but it is not, it is only the servant.

The servant of the King has a duty to tell about the real King. And the Sun also tells us about the real God.

Joshua is the same name as Jesus, in Hebrew and Greek. So the Sun obeyed Joshua because he had the name of Jesus.

Hezekias was a King of Judah, an ancestor of St Joseph, who was the fosterfather of Jesus.

The Sun obeyed Hezekias because he was legal ancestor of the True God made man.

So, take advice from the Sun, don't take him for god, take Jesus for God.

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