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Very few comments on a talk by Fr Malachi Martin

Video commented on
Malachi Martin Masterfully Murdered Meticulously, Maliciously & Mysteriously Martyred Many Moons Ago*
Occult Revelation Method

I 5:38
- John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II?

What about Pius XII? Especially his friendship with Augustin Bea, and his endorsing of a new view of the Bible?

Or was the Bull of 1950 free of all doctrinal and historical error from one end to the other?

Or Humani Generis, 1950 too, was he right evolutionism could not yet be simply condemned? Or its less well known follow up more directly endorsing positions contradicting those of St Pius X, 22 Nov 1951, allocution to scientists of some sort?

II 17:40 sth
Since 1960? What about since 1950?
III Around 29:00
Three signs:

  • 1) problems insoluble with present wisdom and technology
  • 2) one man having the solutions
  • 3) one will turn to him as divine.

  • A) Apart from the last part, which I could cite Bible verses for, Apocalypse 13:12, I do not see Biblical evidence for the other two signs.
  • B) Problems can seem insoluble without being so. A man can have very obvious solutions without being antichrist.
  • C) I think I am such a man, and I have NOT yet allowed people to worship me.

I am afraid (or was) that if Catholic Church men do all they can to hush up my solutions, and in the process ruin my life as a Christian, I might end up agreeing to play that role in order to get the kind of life I want (I have NOT chosen to live this life of something seeming a monk without being so, nor to become a real monk) and in order to do what I can to reply to the problems.

Or that once I am put out of the way, my solutions hushed up as mine, Antichrist will plagiarise them and get honour for them while I rot in prison or mental hospital or slave camps.

That is the problem at present as I see it.

Parts 1 and 2 are not such as to point directly and exclusively to Antichrist. Nor am I really sure Antichrist will have such wisdom. People could turn to him for very much flimsier reasons than that. He can seem to have solutions to what seem to be problems. Or he can plagiarise someone having real solutions, but reject some of them by a catastrophic stupidity, like at Babel.
God has given us two thousand years.

Sure. But it is not our job to tear down a Catholic Civilisation, is it?
* Not sure if title of video is true.

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