Thursday, January 8, 2015

... on RomanMissalExegete complaining under two videos that I answered in comboxes

You display so much word salad in all of these comments that it's impossible for me to know where to even begin. I have a life outside of a YouTube that I have literately no interest in engaging someone who thinks that dumping a bunch of philosophical jargon left and right is going to get a response out of someone out of me. Seriously, no wonder I stopped making videos; it's because people like you who thinks writing tons of paragraphs in obscure and useless word salad will someone persuade someone that they are wrong and make you sound smart and important. Good grief. I literately don't have the time nor the patience to deal with someone like you.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
My dear, I have taken word after word from your video and replied in an essay.

I suppose I took your words more seriously than you did, then.

If it is annoying to read in the comboxes, at first, and you want an overview, I did repost my comments in order on a blog post of mine.

Here is the blog:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere

Btw, I wasn't trying to sound smart and important. Logic is universally valid you know, even among people who are neither smart nor important and even when coming from them to those who are.

So, I wasn't trying to sound smart and important any more than one usually does incidentally when one argues (I do and I think you do too), I was taking each of your points and refuting it the best I could.

Wow, You really have way too much time on your hands. And you really think spamming my videos with countless paragraphs of nonstop word salad is going to get me to listen what you have to say? And the fact that you made an entire blog post recording these comments is rather sad. I'm sorry, but I have no choice but to block you. If you wanted to actually make responses to I've argued in my videos, you would have done better by either making videos your self or doing a blog post, sending it via PM and then having a discussion, but you decided to spam my comment sections and my channel. Have a good day, sir (whoever you are).

Hans-Georg Lundahl
No - I have too little time doing what I am doing, which is writing on the internet.

I was very much NOT spamming, but taking each sentence from you that rang false, stopping the video, noting the time, often enough quoting your words, then writing a reasoned reply, posting it, sometimes hampered by internet access problems.

As I guessed you might find it annoying to read the series of comboxes, especially as they do not come in order, I did - precisely in the comment you answered - post one link to one blogpost where I assembled them.

However, the comments remaining are not superfluous. Whenever you feel like it, you can answer back directly under the point instead of doing so under the full blogpost.

SOME of the blogposts on that blog, you see, are debate series. My comment, the other one's comment, my comment in reply to his, his comment in reply to mine (most codabetors are not girls, but even if so "his" would have had a generic value, like "his/her").

So, starting a comment series of just my comments on the video (which I commented minute by minute) is kind of an invitation to either you or your usual commenters to reply.

As you seem to not have gathered I am an internet writer (as yet unpublished mostly on paper and unpaid nearly the little I was published on paper), I will give as a visit card short links to the the offer to any willing, even amateur printers/republishers. As to my name, I think I have already written that out. /

I've reported your comments as spam and I've blocked your channel. You're a troll and a lunatic. Have a good day.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
As spam?

You have acted like a sneak and like someone not knowing the value of the words, notably in this case the word "spam".

Hans-Georg Lundahl
If your words are true that is, I was able to post an answer.

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