Tuesday, June 9, 2015

... on Qoran and Genesis (video by CMI, "footnotes" by me)

The Koran vs Genesis - (Creation Magazine LIVE! 4-21)

4:09 "six earth rotation days" - obviously the part, if I may nitpick a little of "earth rotating" is your interpretation of what happened/happens according to heliocentrism.

Not saying anything against length, but the creation account also does fit a geocentric cosmology.

14:43 Muslims generally have a hard time grasping history.

I can write on my blog of such and such a clearly historical saint (like St Bathilde who abolished slavery in the Frankish kingdom) and after that get looks and hints etc as if I were somehow "extra gullible" in believing such a thing as history, especially with a saint included.

If you know Ford's dictum "history is bunk" that is pretty close to what I have seen of the Muslim attitude.

16:48 Islam is opposite extreme to Mazdaism. The latter religion claims the "forbidden food" was eating the meat of cows as opposed to just drinking their milk. And says one is combatting sin by being lactovegetarian.

20:59 Once in a prison, I sat at the table among Muslims (there were four of them out of a total of ten). One of them mentioned Ramadan, saying it was commemorating the virtues of Mohammed and adding "if some man could be called son of God, it would be Mohammed".

Which I contradicted. Of course.

Whereupon they started threatening and then one of them went up to guards and tipped me off as being "suicidal" for "provoking Muslims".

I wasn't even hit, all they wanted was to have me stamped as mentally unstable.

And oh boy have non-Muslims complied, since!

21:55 I distinguish: a missionary must indeed show the gentleness. However, a Christian ruler may give him military protection. Beating Moctezuma was neither in itself a direct act of obedience to the great commission (and Cortez, being no priest, was no successor of the apostles to which the commission was given), nor an act of disobedience, either. Spain as a nation already reached by the Gospel had the right to give military help to the priest whom Moctezuma had insulted and threatened.

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