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Wouldn't it be more accurate to say, the genes go back to Noah? Répondre

Hans-Georg Lundahl
+bradyspace Not all of them. Obviously not for instance mutation 343 which is much more recent. Y chromosome markers all go back to Noah, ultimately, but mitochondrial markers

6:17 Michael Oard says Ice Age was 1300 BC? I have a suspicion he might be wrong. You see, Göbekli Tepe is considered "just after Ice Age", and is dated c. 11.000 BC by C14 uniformitarian misdating. BUT it is probably the remains of the Tower of Babel, so ice age occurred between Flood and Babel. On the Christmas proclamation we get 2957 BC for Flood, and as it is based on LXX (St Jerome made the calculations before turning to the Vulgate, one might presume as at least possible, or preferred LXX material over his own Vulgate material, also possible and in keeping with admonitions by St Augustine), I confer with another version of LXX chronology (presumably the one giving Christ born 5508 rather than 5199) to get what that means in centuries: Peleg 529 - 868 (after Flood):

Creation vs. Evolution : Longevity Charts as per LXX

One may also state he considers Palaeolithic, not just Neolithic, as post-Babel. I consider Palaeolithic as pre-Babel and humanity as having political and linguistic unity before Babel but with at least occasional geographic spread. I consider the Cro Magnon in Dordogne were a kind of expedition force for pre-Babel or early-Babel humanity. I even consider parts of Neolithic as pre-Babel, Natufian might be such, where agriculture was, not as evolutionists claim "invented", but rather rediscovered with test crops after Flood.

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Letter A of ex oriente - III - explanation and results

On the other hand, one can certainly say Oard has a point from Book of Job, which I was not quite duly considering, perhaps.

Job can not be dated pre-Babel, and he seems to have seen ice age while it was expanding. Especially he cannot be dated pre-Babel if he is identic to Jobab in the genealogy of Esau. And even if not, he may have been living in Edom while it was already Esau's territory.

6:50 Celtic and Indian society both had wheeled transport as in battle chariots. So had Hittites. How about my hunch that both originated in Hittite area and neighbourhood? A linguist has (been contested for saying and retracted perhaps, but at least) said that Linear A language was Aryan. Mount Ida on Crete was in pre-Greek times "Mount Indra" (only links making now this connection are mine, since the links to that linguist are down). So, Kaphthorim were perhaps the earliest Indo-Aryan language speakers. On the other hand, Gomer has been associated both with Celts (at least P-Celts like the Gauls) and with Cappadocia. So, could Hittite have been original Indo-European common language?

Creation vs. Evolution : Was Proto-Indo-European a Historic Language, like ... Hittite, Imperial Language relevant for Greece and Linear A Crete?

12:07 C14 dating only accurate to c. 3000 BC? That is overdoing it. Exodus occurred in 1510 BC and thus Moses was born 1590 BC. But the evil Pharao who slew Hebrew boychildren seems to have been Amenemhet III, who is NOT dated to 1590 BC, but earlier. And in the time of Abraham (born a little before 2000 BC), I am not at all sure whether the relevant mis-dated date is 4000 BC for beginning of Woolley's Ur, or even sth like closer to 11.000 BC for Urfa (Edessa) close to Göbekli Tepe, if that was Tower of Babel. 3000 BC we are already pre-Flood, but Carbon dates give this age for early dynastic Egyptian (which we know existed later in the life of Abraham). So, no, carbon dates are not accurate back to 3000 BC, but rather back to sth like 500 BC.

Happy and Blessed and Holy Easter to the Kolbe Center and all of you!

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