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... on Flood - Dinos on Ark, Young Turks, Featuring Sjordal

1) ... on Flood - Dinos on Ark, Young Turks, Featuring Sjordal · 2) ... more on Flood

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Atheists React To Creationist Saying Dinosaurs Were On Noah's Ark
The Young Turks

First an ethical discussion about creationist parents brought up towards the end of video, before returning to the discussion of the Flood.

7:17 you have SO much compassion for someone else raising his children different from how you raise yours, if you have any, but do you have the same compassion for either children taken away from such parents in Norway or murdered in abortion clinics across the globe?

7:25 "their whole life is just filled with that ignorance"?

I was raised, not atheist, but evolutionist, for quite a while in my childhood. No, that ignorance willing to accept millions of year and billions of years has NOT filled my whole life since. Apart from the fact you get wrong WHAT is ignorance and what is on the contrary good reason.

7:32 "you just know their WHOLE LIFE is going to be like that" ...

I hope for them they do remain creationists, but in more general terms, once again apart from who is right and who is giving his children misinformation, you have a HUGE problem of PREDICTION ... the kind of predictions (coupled with false empathy seeing sadness in creationism) which both Norwegian Child Welfare and Planned Parenthood use to excuse their crimes.

Now to the main discussion, mid video after clips with a creationist + end of video.

4:42 we obviously do NOT give credence to the 65 million years ago figure!

(if you ever see ùillion instead of million, it's a French keyboard, I corrected it this time, but ù is next to m).

Paul T Sjordal said sth interesting:

"Any child can poke holes in the Noah story. I have a hard time understanding how any adult could take that story literally."

I couldn't, I hadn't heard of it at age six. I was about age ten when I read Genesis. And I could not pick holes in it.

(if you ever see îck instead of pick ... etc, see above).

4:58 Millions of species?

  • 1) only vertebrates, land or air, count (insects and fish could survive the Flood in other ways);

  • 2) and of course using kinds instead of modern biology species reduces the number of animals a lot (like are there 600 + dino species known? Or are there just 55 dino kinds known? Are brontosaurus and diplodocus different species or same kind?)

5:05 30.000 doesn't get you through the beatles - no, but they could survive outside ark (plus some inside as food for birds).

5:14 ships like that after that? The ark was not built for navigation. Ships that navigate have to be smaller. But ship building has been rather great after as well.

5:22 Titanic was built to navigate - and got sunk. Ark was built to get navigat-ED by God's hand - and it stayed afloat as long as needed.

5:39 the sinking ships were, which was the problem, ships - built not just for floating whereever God wanted them to drift, but navigation. That means they were having forms ill fitted for such big wood structures and also they had to go across the drift of waves, and that conflict and tension was not there for the Ark.

5:48 (where one proposes to know answer: "God built the Ark")

Actually not. God gave instructions for the ship, but it took 100 years to build.

5:57 how did animals get to Australia? Same way they got there on your reckoning, just that land bridge Sunda-Sahul (see Australian geology) is post Flood instead of x million years ago. Another problem which is only one due to the "millions of years, billions of years" ideology (nicknamed moyboy as acronym). Which means that here is another way in which the MAIN problem isn't Flood, but conflict of chronologies.

6:09 You are yourself a believer in scientists who themselves believe in the land bridge. The problem is just WHEN there was one between Sunda and Sahul : after a Flood 2957 BC (Protestants would usually say some centuries more recent) or, quoting wiki:

"When sea levels fell during the Pleistocene ice age, including the last glacial maximum about 18,000 years ago, the Sahul Shelf was exposed as dry land."

From :

Well, obviously I was wrong on calling out millions of years as your explanation, but still the main problem remains a conflict of chronologies.

6:34 what post-Flood dinosaurs have been sighted as dragons in the Americas? Sauropods are sighted in Africa, as mokele mbembe, as serpopards of Narmer palette, probably also as Behemoth of book of Job - but hardly in Americas. And the dino fossils you find in Americas would probably be those which drowned in the Flood. However, pterodactyls would have flown across, they would be what some Indians record as "thunderbirds".

8:09 (Where it is asked why animals had to be saved and God almighty didn't start creating over again after Flood).

Because creation week was over. God was saving some, while saving those who were killed from what HE (accurately) "conditionally predicted" WOULD HAVE been a fate worse than just dying in huge pains and anguish.

With Sjordal (if debates follow under above I and II, I hope to make them accessible in a new post).

Paul T Sjordal
Any child can poke holes in the Noah story. I have a hard time understanding how any adult could take that story literally.

171 responses previous to mine.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
+Paul T Sjordal, there are already 171 responses, if after these you stick to your story, why not start a new debate under my very fresh words?

Renewing invitation:
+Paul T Sjordal I mean under the video, if you use latest comments, and mainly perhaps second from top, but if you want, first from top will do as well. You used to enjoy trying to poke holes in my arguments, earlier!

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