Thursday, April 21, 2016

... details on Nod

Where did Cain find his wife?

1:33 "you have got three boys, Cain, Abel and Seth, then Abel is killed and you have got two" ... er, no.

Two (alone or among others), Cain and Abel. Abel is killed. THEN Seth is born and appointed to replace Abel. Abel and Seth are, like Isaac and Jacob and Joseph and King David given the "right of the first born" before their older brothers.


  • 1) If Seth was born when Adam was 230 years as per LXX, Cain was presumably also sth like 229 years old then, and 228 when killing Abel (who might have been 227?) ... this gives some time for Adam and Eve to have already grandchildren and greatgrandchildren*;

  • 2) In order to found a city you don't need many people to start. Rome was two brothers playing around with city walls (and Romulus did a Cain like gesture, if you know what I mean), then only one. It was still the city which later grew, and it counted its foundation from when Romulus and Remus were alone there. Only later do you need many people for the city to remain a city and not to sink to a hamlet by comparison with other cities that do grow great.

In general about Nod ... do you think it could have been in India somewhere?

  • 1) Cain has a land called NoD;

  • 2) In it he has a son and builds a city called HeNoch;

  • 3) HeNoch and NoD nicely give a portmeanteau word HeNoD, which could become HeND, then HiND .... India;

  • 4) Mahabharata tells of a hero called Bharat, whose name is also a name of India, and whose carreer is a combination of two Henochs - the Cainite Henoch and the Sethite Henoch, the King and the Raptured Saint.

If the hero (and obviously not god!) Krishna's** name in original pre-Flood Hebrew was Kush**, if he was father in law to Ham, if India was peopled by Regma, son of Kush, son of Ham, it could very well be that Mahabharata retells (in new probably first Dravidian and then only Classic Sanskrit) some pre-Flood family traditions and Regma could have been seeking out the land of Nod on purpose.

* By their other children. Not adding this in comment there, since after I wrote it and resumed listening, they explicitly made the point.

** It seems Krishna and Kush both mean "the black one" or "the swarty one".

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