Monday, April 11, 2016

... mainly on C14 level "still rising"

Earth is 6,000 Years Old

I disagree on two things.
Earth is not 6000 years old, but more like 7200 years old.
C14 is NOT still rising in athmosphere.

At least if it is, it is not very far from equilibrium. If it were, the last two thousand years would NOT get dates corresponding between C14 and history dated by narratives and monuments and so on. It does. I made a model of what would happen if C14 were rising from Flood to as long as it takes JUST by yearly adding of same C14 by cosmic radiation and loss of C14 by degradation.

Supposing Flood had level C14 about 4-5% of equilibrial level, we would by now be on about 45% of equilibrial level. This would have some drastic effects on the datings we do. Here is where I modelised this hypothesis:

New blog on the kid : Examinons une hypothèse qui se trouve contrefactuelle un peu de près

"2957 (avant Jésus-Christ) 3/64 (du taux présent de C14)"
2957 BC, 3/64 of "present" = equilibrial level
"2013 0.457..." (omitting a lot of decimals)
2013 (AD) 0.457 of ... let's call it equilibrial here, since here it is not present.

First approximation of what the effects would be on C14 dates: let us JUST suppose the 46% were taken for 100% of present/equilibrial AND original level (that thing evolutionist carbon daters do).

282 *0.96646
282 0.929364531259652450088590100005022843149512519472911392009186919
610 1733 AD daté comme 1405 AD

212 *0.97468
212 0.9467320871198128728590521296381450203088796308680502975950524788
450 1803 AD daté comme 1565 AD

142 *0.98297
142 0.964253370629014065767652641890833420143924410013229453602481915
300 1873 AD daté comme 1715 AD

72 *0.99133
72 0.9819291057645781592074430726754123371514624500061884233135315857
150 1943 AD daté comme 1865 AD

2013 1
2 *0.99976
2 0.99976
0 2013 AD daté comme 2015 AD

Dating 2013 as 2015, big deal. But when you go back, you date things from 1943 (like boot leather from El Alamein battle) as if they were from Gettisburgh. 1873 is about a decade after Gettisburgh, but boot leather from Ashanti War (GB vs Ashanti) would be dated to 1715, like the First Jacobite Rising. Before 13 colonies broke off. If we go to 1803, it would be dated like Second Anglo-Marathi war getting misdated to 1565, like Conquistadors. 1733, a little after First Jacobite Rising, but before Second one, or when Oglethorpe founded a Penitential Colony in Georgia (ah yes, the English Gulags, like New South Wales, later!), would be dated 1405, like pre-Columbian times.

This misdating is NOT what we find. But suppose instead they adjusted the half life to get a bit more realistic dates, the half lives derived from comparing C14 content of objects and historic dates of same would widely disagree between older and newer ones, up to the present day. This is also not so.

So, no, C14 level "still rising" is NOT a realistic way to argue YEC. My model is, it was for some time rising very much faster.

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