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... or side remarks to Tom Horn and Michael Lake (parts 1 & 2)

Tom Horn Interviews Dr. Michael Lake On The Shinar Directive
SkyWatch TV

Founding Fathers ... they were into Rome of Republic era.

Confer this:

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Fr (or otherwise) Ray Blake seems Roman Republican

6:52 Dr Lake mentioned eugenics.

New blog on the kid : Are there Republicans in an Antichristian Conspiracy? Perhaps not.

I wish I had heard as reassuring things from Bernie as from that update from AZ Republicans. No, Bernie s still behind Roe vs Wade, it seems.

As you mention Deism and return of Nimrod, basically in one breath, yes, I think there is a connection, a Masonic one.

To St Thomas Aquinas, the Universe was not a clockwork God had made, wound up and was watching. It is an instrument God Himself has BOTH created AND is playing.

To certain Pagans, Apollo was the player of a lyre he had NOT made.

Deism is basically saying the universe is a clockwork and therefore not an instrument to God, so, here is where my speculation about them comes in, they might think that then it could be an instrument for us, who did not make it.

And behind the scenes of Deist lodges, you would find people being still more precise.

In my view, Apollo is basically the demon Apollyon or Abaddon. What he did to Oedipus and Orestes shows that clearly. St Thomas speaks of some demons' prophecies getting fulfilled because calculated as self fulfilling. Like how Father Brown viewed the witches in MacBeth. BUT, Apollyon is not a very far cry from Antichrist. So ... maybe they are looking for someone to play the universe as an instrument (I am for my part very content to play music sheets and pens as mine, have no such ambitions!).

So, you might be right about what Founding Fathers and Freemasonry was about.

14:00 sth, while I do not positively disagree with anything Michael Lake proposed about Genesis, I do defend the traditional Christian interpretation of St John's Prologue. The one does not exclude the other.

18:41 Refuting gap theory.

"Geological record" is largely a record of suffering and violent death.

If you put it before either Satan or Adam fell, what's the deal with taking out so much wrath on stupid animals who did not do much harm, beyond physically eating other ones?

On the other hand, if Cretaceous, Permian, Miocene etc are all from Flood of Noah, we do get some comprehensible context for this wrath.


"How can you carbon date sth which was there before time".

You are not doing that.

Carbon dates are a separate problem from Cretaceous, Permian, Miocene, etc. A rising C14 level, and rising faster than expected from the model "just not reached equilibrium yet", like rising because of radioactivity after Flood ... cosmic radiation being then a bit more than total background radiation in Princeton (where it is rather high) ... gives a perfectly logical YEC explanation to the dating problems.

The Shinar Directive -- PART 2 (With Tom Horn and Dr. Micheal Lake
SkyWatch TV

3:53 Whatever occult knowledge Ham might have had, can we agree that basic storyline of what later became Mahabharata (in the regions of his descendants Rama and Havilah) can have been the kind of family traditions of his wife (she might have been daughter or granddauther of some guy like Krishna or Arjuna) basically the same way (but without inerrancy, a special gift of God) as Noah knew the story of Adam, Seth, Henoch?

That therefore looking at Mahabharata to see where it fits into Biblical history is sth else than to read for instance Bhagavadgita and delve into the occult?

[Not saying all who do read Bhagavadgita are doing that.]

6:00 You are in fact wrong about "all of the rabbis".

I checked, found a page on internet, there are four rabbinic views:

  • 1) angelic incursion view
  • 2) Seth's pious line marries into impious Cainite witches (St Paul says sth about it, in general, I spell it out as what it would morally be, in order to make it clear it was not just "kissing cousins" as Rob Skiba likes to poke fun at it)
  • 3) same view basically, but here it was godfearing Cainites who married into impious lines (not impossible, I believe both Krishna and the Pandavas on one hand and Kauravas on other hand were Cainites)
  • 4) princes abusing power.

This last one does not really make for giants, but there would be other ways to translate geborim, perhaps.

6:25 false history about Catholic Church.

[When Michael Lake claims CC had become infiltrated with Pagan religions.]


You did not mention which apologist it was.

I could imagine you meant St Augustine of Hippo.

But if so, your theory about his motive does not quite wash.

He DID hold that demons could impregnate women.

"Sure, women have gotten pregnant by incubi after dreaming of satyrs" (somewhere in De Civitate, while discussing I think Hercules or Romulus - or even Genesis 6?) ... so, if his motive for Sethite theory was an apologetic one, first of all that admission would have been fatal to it, and second, why would the Pagans jump on angelic incursion theory from Genesis 6 anyway?

Wouldn't Jews be likelier to do that?

Would Pagans even have known about Genesis 6?

If you meant someone else, later (St Augustine straddled 4th and 5th, not 5th and 6th C), the Sethite theory would simply have been taken over from St Augustine.

[Or someone else earlier, if it was more common than we think.]

7:26 No idea where either Tom Horn or Michael Lake get it from that 5th C. Church tries to "get away from angels, demons, miracles and that".

I'd like more than Michael Lake's nodding "yes" to that suggestion before swallowing that.

St Augustine considered angels as moving stars and planets (De Trinitate VIII, chapter 2, when discussing what we must NOT consider as God), St Jerome (unless St Thomas Aquinas misunderstood him in I, Q 70, A3) that stars and planets had souls.

The Pagans who had been "sophisticated" and Sadducee like, Epicureans, were in the days of Boethius (5th C, perhaps into 6th) very out of fashion. Stoics, second most sophisticated version, nearly as much. Plato and Aristotle were in fashion, but that is like saying "Shintoism has gained very great ground on Buddhism" - since Plato, Aristotle, Shinto are all closer to Biblical view of God and at least angels than Buddhists, Stoics, Epicureans and Moderns are.

7:37 Oh, was it Julius Africanus?

No, he was far earlier than 5th C!

[If Michael Lake meant the apologist. As to "early Church Father", that is another story. He's early, but not a canonised saint, so we Catholics don't recognise him as a Church Father. But I had not heard Lake name Julius Africanus among "all early Church Fathers" and context where he was mentioned was effect of that "Catholic apologist".]

10:50 No, Apollo may have gotten bows and arrows as mythological attributes from Nimrod, but he was a demon, specialising in the works of Beelzebub (sending and taking away flies and pestilence, Iliad A) and of Pythic spirits (Aeneid VI describes him possessing a poor medium, as demons do in voodoo cults to these days, as my Latin Docent reminded us - he's a Catholic priest, supposing the ordination was valid).

11:23 As far as I know, the Bible never says Antichrist IS a genius. He will be perceived like that by the world, that's another question.

13:58 I think our genetic encoding is made so our body can fit the mind God creates.

I think a clone (if there are such) keeps the soul of the emptied embryo while getting DNA from someone else whom God created to be someone else.

But I don't think mind itself is encoded in matter that precise way - except in a general way as human DNA ties with being a man.

15:46 what if top of tower was meant to be detached from tower base, as rockets now from Cape Canaveral, simple as that?

What if Nimrod knew from pre-Flood wars (see Mahabharata) of Uranium and wanted to fuel rockets with it, and God sent ice age to stop him even before dispersing the languages?

Genesis 11,
Cape Canaveral compatibility :

Douay-Rheims and Vulgate :

[4] And they said: Come, let us make a city and a tower, the top whereof may reach to heaven: and let us make our name famous before we be scattered abroad into all lands.

Et dixerunt: Venite, faciamus nobis civitatem et turrim, cujus culmen pertingat ad caelum: et celebremus nomen nostrum antequam dividamur in universas terras.

A tower, the top whereof may reach to heaven
Turrim, cujus culmen pertingat ad caelum

4 Also they said, Go to, let us [e]build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto the heaven, that we may get us a name, lest we be scattered upon the whole earth.

a tower, whose top may reach unto the heaven,

4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven

All these are Cape Canaveral compatible. When the rocket is about to be launched, the ramp and rocket look like a tower and rocket like top of the tower.

NIV, not so:
4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” with a tower that reaches to the heavens

Here it is the tower itself that reaches into Heaven.

I suggest NIV is wrong.


Even God said ...

  • we have Cape Canaveral, now;
  • it seems Nimrod wanted to kill God, men did that on Calvary.

[Or some of Nimrod's men wanted to.]

17:42 Can nephelim not be saved or did those nephelim not get saved.

Baruch says none of the giants of old found wisdom, no not one.

[Chapter 3]

But perhaps they could have, some later did (St Christopher).

One could argue that St Christopher was only Goliath sized, about.

Og-sized or cedar tree sized might be another matter.


What you are discussing now, you are defending the Catholic view against the Protestant view.

The Protestants make sth out of John 4:21-24 as if the Catholic practise of consecrating Churches and that of making pilgrimages were superstitious "God is everywhere" ... yes, but in certain places in a special way.

The Shin in Jerusalem would be a case where God wrote it (does it mean "shalom"?).

25:41 That promise in that context is a defense of Popes taking Pagan temples, making an exorcism and remaking it into a Christian Church.

You might as Protestants argue the temple of all gods could not other than defile any Christian worship, whatever cleaning up a Pope might have done, but Christ said that the gates of Hell (what Pantheon had been) would not prevail against His Church.

There you have it!

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