Monday, April 16, 2018

If Anyone Thinks I am or will be a Mason ...

Sorry to promote a Masonic channel, by linking to a video on it, but it is needed to clear my name.

How to Identify Freemasons
What is a Mason | Ajoutée le 11 mars 2018

Generally : get out of that damned thing!

[more specific comments:]

So, at 4:07, if a fellow Catholic Antimason pretends to identify me as a Mason, he needs to watch this video, I haven't done any of above to get identified as a Mason, right?

5:16 Or the good person, if such, could be a Catholic.

So, if a Mason tries to identify me as a Mason by some flattery about my moral shape, he also needs to watch this video, right?

6:34 Seriously guys!

We Catholics have our modes of recognition called Symbol of the Faith.

If you recite the Apostolic Creed and don't SAY outright you are a Mason - not you, I already saw the video - I'll take you for a Catholic.

But you seem to need to learn "modes of recognition" and "being tried" in absurdum and that not from any "clergyman" but from the one you trust most or are closest to.

Reminds me of Saunière's rose on the door in Dan Brown's novel.

What a horrible culture of secrecy. Even supposing you don't have some dirty secret (I would not absolutely bet on it, but let's give you the benefit of the doubt), you can be sure such a culture of secrecy leads to others having them - and getting them protected.

7:07 So before you help a guy, you make sure he is a brother and before he accepts help from you he makes sure you are one?

S e r i o u s l y ... Mussolini had a point in suppressing freemasonry, unfortunately somewhat mingled with making Fascism a parallel one:

8:26 No need to thank me for continued support. I am not a supporter.

I am obviously sharing this outside anything called lodge as best as I can ...

M 77
U 85 150 12
S 83 230 15
S 83 310 18
O 79 380 27
L 76 450 33
I 73 520 36
N 78 590 44
I 73 660 47 = 707

Hand signs and hand shakes of Freemasons That they use in Court
Raise a Little AL | Ajoutée le 25 juin 2017

A) 1:33 "are you travelling"

That would mean, someone who was travelling in a literal sense, because he was homeless, could answer "yes" and be taken for a freemason?

Even without the handshake (I cut connections with a man who gave me a funny handshake), if they reported this ...

Obviously, for a long time I have answered no, I am in and around Paris, which is the truth.

B) In other words, if Mark Shea likes to whisper "hail hydra", we cannot say he is a Mason, but he is in somewhat bad company? Knights of Columbus being that.

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