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... on Golding's Famous Novel and on Youth

... on Golding's Famous Novel and on Youth · Two Subjects : Ireland and a certain "social conservatism" of Sensus Fidelium

I have commented on first half, minute by minute (see time signatures as denoting where comments are to), not yet heard second half. I have also after making the comments prayed 3 Hail Mary's for that poor priest.

Video commented on:
Error of Juvenilism
Sensus Fidelium | Added 19.IV.2018

1:28 The boys become superstitious?

Come on!

They WERE superstitious before, and Piggy held to the modern superstition of scientism as a "remedy" against the emerging superstition.

None of them, neither Ralph, nor the ruffian (I forgot his name), neither Piggy nor anyone else has had catechism.

MUCH of the savagery of the ruffian is simply an attempt to "replace" what was not needed in the first place, the control of the boarding school.

From your description:

"we are now told that the young should lead, guide, and teach the old."

Er, no, "we" were told that in 1968. My ma was not among the culprits.

Now that the generation of 1968 is getting old, we are hearing complaints about Juvenilism.

The generation born around WW-II was often rebelling against their grandfathers (their fathers often absent in war) and now they can't stand their grandchildren rebelling (if that is the word) against them.

Young people spend YEARS more than before 1968 to get married and to get a position (independent losing to jobs), partly because those young in 1968 want to make sure about more and more factors in their grandchildren's lives before allowing a marriage.

I think it was yourself who said that Antichrist cannot come (according to Bellarmine and other saints) before the East regains control over the West. But these complaints about Juvenilism, about Immaturity (some people in France think you are immature if you read Narnia or LotR beyond your teens), they ARE Eastern control over the West.

Western culture has some degree of Juvenilism since Héloïse and Abélard got their marriage destroyed by older family members and since Sts Francis and Clare of Assisi did not get their "monastic" vocations destroyed by older family members, nor did St Thomas Aquinas.

Some old people in Paris feel ill at ease if their young ones can read on a blog arguments they never thought of that disprove evolution and prove Heliocentrism at least moot (which considering its prima facie should be enough to disprove it).

Some old people in St Nicolas du Chardonnet did not wish their young ones to be starting any carreers as editors of the paper versions of my by now 6000 + articles on the blogs. And the youth obeyed, as if they were Confucians or Muslims or Jews or Hindoos or Freemasons or Protestants or similar Oriental to Overparenting stuff.

1:28 "they form hostile factions"

Sure, they were put first in a boarding school and then landed on an island with each other they would not have chosen as company and their parents would not have chosen as company.

The outcome is as obvious at Columbine High School as in a novel. The roots can be seen in the fact that none of the school shooters has been homeschooled, at least for long.

People who can't get along, they should not be forced together. And their forcing together and power play at the school was a preparation for their power play on the island.

Because, if they had been from different schools, say, one Catholic and one Protestant, they would have separated on the island and tried to stay good neighbours at a distance.

Harmful violence to others is due to parents and teachers being absent?

Look away from that novel and back to Columbine.

Sure, Klebold and many others (perhaps all) had absent fathers. But there were other adults "in control." The problem is, the school leaves youth less and less freedom as it eats more and more of the lives of those who would willingly try sth totally different while their presence is anything from a menace to a burden of reproach "oh, it's ok for you, you somehow like the stuff" - and as a result, the control is resented as a slavery.

One good point for Madame Pénicaud, the present minister of education in France, she sets out to valorise apprenticeship ... but après le lycée, you know.

With a class of eager interested intellectuals and intellectual wannabes and a lot of smaller groups clustering in mid school age or earlier around someone able to teach them to cook, fix a bike, slaughter a pig and make it edible for human consumption, bake oven loads of bread and sth they can start living off soon enough, that would restore quite a lot of authority - and not destroy the freedom.

Authority and control are not the same thing.

1:57 Please.

We are not Pelagians, but neither do we believe in Total corruption. While I love tea, I don't take "TULIP T".

The boys having been together at a school is an evil societal background, their lacking Catechism (and having Piggy full of scientist ... I'd nearly have made a bad pun ... as nearest substitute for reminders of civilised thought), this is an evil societal background.

Within the boys, there is definitely in any case the consequences of original sin. In case some are not baptised, original sin itself is still damning as well as festering, unless someone in such a position made the relevant acts. But there is also an absence of certain qualities which are better preserved elsewhere than in English boarding schools.

Also, unlike sacraments and unlike acts for which God gives their graces, age per se is not an antidote to original sin. More sophisticated does not automatically mean more innocent.

Age of a culture means it has survived several generations and provided an antidote to some very heinous faults, prompted by the curse of Adam.

Age of an individual does not necessarily mean so, especially not in a culture which has so many collective means for keeping its members alive, despite stupidities, both for rich and poor.

2:55 Youth may indeed require some authority, but not the degree which stops them from marrying year after year - if authority is even a word for that.

Youth very certainly is a time for marrying:

"Let thy vein be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of thy youth:"
[Proverbs 5:18]

In Polish the bride and bridegroom are called "mloda panna" and "mlody kawaler", mlody, mloda, mlodo meaning young, and panna meaning young lady. I don't think you need a translation for "kawaler". (Niestetny, Poles, I had no barred l's to spell it correctly ...)

Today we have parents and grandparents saying "no, she can't marry at 26, she still behaves like 15" ... guess what age was very typical at least among people who could afford it, for a bride in the Middle Ages?

And you cannot reply that young marriages require the couple to be subject to parental authority of grandparents, since the Church clearly taught that while marrying against the will of the parents is usually a mortal sin (Trent), it nevertheless does not make the marriage invalid (St Thomas Aquinas).

The generation which went wild against their parents and grandparents in 1968 is again going wild against normal freedoms of their grandchildren.

3:18 Only when youth is replaced by maturity good things begin to be realised, you said?

If marriage is a good, you just contradicted Proverbs 5:18!

Who laid his hands on you without checking you know and believe the entire Bible?

You are also contradicting experience:

New blog on the kid : Highly Recommended Reading : OSN

Orange Street News is not made by a mature reporter, but by the young daughter of one.

That alone should put to shame the youth in St Nicolas du Chardonnet which has not felt mature enough to read my blogs and edit paper editions of them ... while the curés have in their turn not felt mature enough to either approve or condemn their contents.

If they are approved, they deserve to be a gain as well as an occupation, to others as well as of me. If they are condemned, they rather deserve to give their author some opportunity for debate or for accepting a correction, if I deem it a Catholic one.

Landing them in a longstanding limbo, scandalising those who among Atheists here wish me well, who would gladly edit if I made a good defense of Evolution, pushing me to a choice between abandoning my good work or getting physically burdened to degraded - I choose the latter, but partly in blindness, believing in more goodwill than there was over there - just because it is awkward to some that an "obviously immature" or "idiotic" work cannot be exposed as un-Catholic, and pretending to help me to "mature" into abandoning my positions myself - that is the work of a synagogue of Satan. NOT a worthy work of the Church. NOT a worthy work of tradition (even if there are shades between you and SSPX).

3:53 "as King David states in one of the Psalms, dearest Lord, do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways"

Again, who laid hands on you when you do not know the Bible!

"The sins of my youth and my ignorances do not remember. According to thy mercy remember thou me: for thy goodness' sake, O Lord."
[Psalms 24:7]

An "ignorance" and a "rebellious way" are two different things.

What "rebellious ways" would King David have had to repent of?

Rebellion against a Rabbi in Schul, when bored with Square Letters? Er, no. School for all Hebrews is not a Mosaic law and is about one millennium after him, after they had already rejected his Son. He spent his youth tending to sheep. A bear and a lion cannot be considered authorities.

Rebellious ways against his brother?

"And David said: What have I done? is there not cause to speak?"
[1 Kings (1 Samuel) 17:29]

No .... God rewarded that "rebellious way".

Or against the King, Saul .... when obeying him would have been suicide, supposing Saul had even explicitly ordered him to give himself over ... and when in fact in God's eyes he had more authority than Saul, since God had replaced Saul with him?

No, do not think so ...

I do NOT know what exact ignorance King David was reproaching himself, but it makes no sense to pretend it was "rebellious ways".

How can you stay a curate rather than get to a monastery and serve Mass only at side altars, if you misscite the word of God, the first thing the serpent is known to have done, in order to make a point against your pet peeve?

I have myself conflated two passages, but it was bad memory, and I am not a clergyman!

5:03 I am somewhat relieved you do not quite approve of the "enough is enough" demo ...

That actual banner is per se not wrong.

But the problem is, they are blaming guns instead of blaiming school compulsion and even more practical compulsion than legal one. AND in so doing, they ARE listening to ... their teachers, their parents in the block, most of whom are easily influenced by teachers who have an exorbitant power today.

And the school which produced Columbine High school shooting (arguably Columbine High school) and the one which produced latest shooting are telling younger people, for longer and longer, to listen, about subjects they did not always choose totally freely, listen to more and more old people while there are fewer and fewer young ones to do that listening, for longer and longer years.

The teachers are one of the factions (more Piggy's than Ralph's, if Piggy had had the power to make one) on the Island of Golding's Novel, at least they are behaving so.

6:59 I consider I could read Lord of the Rings until I was 100 years old, and still learn something new, but very dishonourable people have risen up against me, considering that as Peter Pan syndrome.

I consider, I had the right to try to be a writer, and with 6000 + articles, I have shown the capacity to feed readers with texts, therefore potentially printers and myself with buyers (though as of late, some networks of older people have strangled my afflux of readers among the young).

Some very dishonourable people rise up against me on that account too, considering it a Peter Pan syndrome that I hope to accomplish a childhood dream.

If you are a believer in the diagnosis Peter Pan syndrome, you are as superstitious as Piggy or worse ... perhaps as superstitious as the idolater and brute in Golding's novel. Again : what are YOU doing as a curate? Who laid hands on you? Why don't you get to a side altar in a monastery instead of abusing your position to spout novelties of a blasphemous nature, blaspheming the Creator by maligning His Creature?

I am certainly not intending to be irresponsible and unserious. I have so far been kept so against my will, by people with your ideas on "Peter Pan syndrome".

7:34 While I don't share Kofi Anan's taste in revolutions, start up businesses are a very good deal for young people. I have provided an occasion and been denied the ones who could have profited from it.

Note very well, a farm per se does not need to be a start up, farms should last for centuries ... but today too few are farmers.

Too many need some substitute for farming. One farm visited by Elisabeth and Prince Philip gave jobs to a small family - but bread to 1000. Most of whom need to earn it in other ways than farming.

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