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Two Subjects : Ireland and a certain "social conservatism" of Sensus Fidelium

... on Golding's Famous Novel and on Youth · Two Subjects : Ireland and a certain "social conservatism" of Sensus Fidelium

The fall of Ireland | 27.V.2018

First three responses to what Patrick Coffin said:

Snakes returning soon?

Not more like a micro deluge, as demanded by St Patrick, to avoid getting the Irish into the Great Tribulation?

Countries going for contraception will get abortion?

Did you also mention, they will lose old age pensions?

Sweden has privatised them, France has postponed retirement, Germany is chasing the young (at least on what I heard in Berlin, former East Germany) to pay taxes to the old who need the pensions.

African priests?

Do you know how they act in Paris? One parish was arranging the favourite breakfast for my Saturday mornings (I'm homeless) and it also had an African priest. This was some years ago, and I have since been often stamped as a Protestant simply due to being Young Earth Creationist.

If their superior is Evolution and Old Age compromiser (as they say over at CMI), they think they would be disobeying by being Young Earth. They really overrate obedience, the probable identity of the curse of Ham (there was a prayer about it endorsed by the Catholic Church) is this overrating of obedience. They demonise Milongo, rightly or wrongly, as "disobedient" and cannot imagine someone could not obey the same authorities as they and get better results than Milongo (not sure how Pope Michael will see married bishops, he is already endorsing married men getting ordained even in Latin rite - or authorising, I should say).

is a debate, so names are out, not each one being mine. No anonymisation, since comments on youtube are public.

Sensus Fidelium
The elephant in the room. When did the culture really start going down? When the church rejected Catholicism. How many priests have Ireland ordained since the council? How’s the priesthood there? Contraception came into Ireland after the changes and if you can change the Mass you can change everything. What is the ‘new evangelization’? Many speak of it but none know what it is. Didn’t the old evangelization work? Even St JP II mentioned it was redoing the old way not recreating happy clappy weird stuff or Lizzie Answers etc. we have to drop this ‘we need cool catholicism’ & get back to what we lost. It starts with the liturgy. You can apologetic till you’re blue in the face and sell your books but nothing will change till the liturgy is fixed. It flows from there. 50 yrs of banging our heads in the wall and look around us. It gets worse. Yet full steam ahead let’s not change anything. Let’s not talk about what the doctors and saints said and use modern ‘theologians’ instead of saints to teach us. Frustrating to say the least.

Steve B
Sensus Fidelium You absolutely nailed it.

I agree with you and love your YouTube channel by the way.

I’m certainly not in Lizzie’s demographic but I have watched some of her videos. I’m a cradle Catholic and, having Italian parents, I was brought up with the Saints and love them dearly. I love their inspiring stories and want to be like them but Lizzie’s background is completely different. She, like many protestants was brought up to hate Catholicism and her parents are not happy with her conversion. She said she was so sure Catholicism was wrong in the beginning and I remember her telling her followers she could never be Catholic. She had a problem, like many protestants, with the perceived idolatry, what she thought was the worship of Mary ...all the usual things protestants wrongly perceive to be the case. It has been a complete turnaround for her and I think it’s commendable that she discovered, for herself, and with the love and support of many of her Catholic followers and her boyfriend (who also converted) where the Truth lies. I just don’t think we can discount that. She actually very nearly joined the Orthodox Church because of the fact it was more traditional. The only thing that made her choose Catholicism over Orthodoxy was the fact that she realised Peter was the rock...all this on her own! I think it is very admirable. Tradition is actually what many of the young need and want. Have you watched any of her videos? She explains things quite well and I can see why she appeals to younger viewers. She has also revised many of her videos since she converted so that they are now more in line with Church Teaching. God bless...I love your channel and all your priests there are awesome!

Sensus Fidelium
themousepolice yes I’ve watched a few seconds of her stuff. Too ditzy for me I cannot bare to listen long. Seems narcissistic in a sense as people like being on camera. Her theology needs a lot of work and it’s dangerous teaching people if one isn’t ready to as they’ll be judged for all of it but she does it to make $. I know I’ll get told I ask for donations but I drive uber 10 hours a day and still get videos up. I’ve sent it to priests and they say the same thing as i ‘how does she get 30,000 views for crying on a video?!’

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I just noted that the amendment number 5 came in the late seventies.

[Referring to a connection between a probable reading of Dignitatis Humanae and amendment 5, deleting special place of Catholic Church from constitution. This was ignored, I'm going with where these people are directing the discussion, responding to that:]

Sendus Fidelium I get what you’re saying and you certainly have a point. She does have sponsors nowadays and unfortunately for her, she suffers from Bipolar disorder. Of course, I bow to your superior knowledge with regard to Theology. Keep up the great work! I love your videos although I notice some have gone missing...are you revising them?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
"clappy weird stuff or Lizzie Answers etc"

I suppose a fat man with a cloak and a broad brimmed hat is not your style either?

"we have to drop this 'we need cool catholicism' & get back to what we lost"

Is a cool person defending Catholicism showing "we need cool Catholicism"? It is not a guitar mass, Lizzie is even fond of the Latin Mass. And she says so.

But a layman (including laydamsel) being cool when defending Catholicism is perhaps in your book equivalent to guitar masses? Even outside liturgy?

Is "what we lost" an Anglican atmosphere of:

  • clergymen defend their confessions in strict, clergylike manners before other clergymen;
  • people who are not clergymen are supposed to be converted by their clergy getting converted;
  • and people who neither are nor have clergy are to be fought and marginalised rather than converted?

"too ditzy for me I cannot bare to listen long"

So, people who are that ditzy are not supposed to count on your pastoral in your parish?

And somehow Lord of the Flies is NOT too ditzy for you?

"Her theology needs a lot of work"

Which you know after watching a few seconds? Heard of hasty judgement?

And you mean in order for her to have the standard of a priest in the ambone?

"and it's dangerous teaching people if one isn't ready for it"

Meaning, I presume, if one hasn't either an ordinary duty or a venia to preach after a bishop has verified the theological credentials?

A fat man with a cloak and a broad brimmed hat who was writing in the very ditzy Yellow Press would most likely not be your ideal defender of the faith?

"but she does it to make $"

You heard her say so in the confessional before refusing her absolution, or you think you are Padre Pio?

"I ask for donations, but I drive uber 10 hours a day and still get videos up"

Do you drive OVER 10 hours a day? Or do you drive Taxis on UBER 10 hours a day? In the latter case, why would you need donations to pay?

"I've sent it to priests and they say the same thing as i 'how does she get 30,000 views for crying on a video?!'"

She actually does not get them for that. She gets it for theological content given in a readily assimilable way.

And adding Protestant Conservative Bourgeois bitterness over low class is not exactly putting your own theology on a more sophisticated level.

In fact, the priests who have said that have shown their dishonesty. They have been dishonest in what at least seems an attempt to humiliate her, if not before herself, at least before potential viewers.

With priests having such hearts, a perfect Latin Liturgy will not win more souls than a guitar mass.

Note : I have so far presumed the video channel owner Sensus Fidelium is the priest whose sermons are heard on the videos. If there are more priests than one and Sensus Fidelium is not one of them, but a Taxi driver, on Uber, that would explain his lack of response to me. Since usually I do not hear videos, but watch them minute by minute and stopping to comment, in a library with no headphones using subtitles, and no income from driving Taxi or Uber, I have, if these things are so, missed it./HGL

Update: if you want to pray for Sensus Fidelium (if he's a priest) or for his priest(s) if he only uploads his or their sermons for them, here is a prayer on Dympnah's Road, she is forwarding from a book with imprimatur:

A prayer for the redemption of bad priests

Or, well, perhaps not. It is for priests straying from the altar, not for priests sacrilegiously celebrating Mass in mortal sin due to obstinate errors on moral theology ...

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