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Responding to AronRa on Politics

While he is speaking, the video is not on his channel.

Aron Ra - How Conservatives are Ruining America
Mechaghostman2 | 21.III.2018

My comments will, through link to this post, be posted there too, meanwhile, here they are:

0:50 "the Puritans came to this country to escape religious persecution"

Here is what they were trying to avoid:

"King James I of England made some efforts to reconcile the Puritan clergy in England, who had been alienated by the conservatism blocking reform in the Church of England. Puritans embraced Calvinism (Reformed theology) with its opposition to ritual and an emphasis on preaching, a growing sabbatarianism, and preference for a presbyterian system of church polity as opposed to the episcopal polity of the Church of England, which had also preserved medieval canon law almost intact. They opposed church practices that resembled Roman Catholic ritual."

Sounds like persecution? Not really.

Here is what they brought on, at least in Massachusetts:

"Roger Williams preached religious toleration, separation of church and state, and a complete break with the Church of England. He was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and founded Providence Plantations, which became the Rhode Island Colony and provided a haven for others such as Anne Hutchinson.[7] Quakers were also expelled from Massachusetts, but they were welcomed in Rhode Island.[8] Years later, four Quakers known as the Boston martyrs remained in Massachusetts and were executed by hanging for practicing their religion."

Sounds like they were very much into religious persecution - and fled because Charles I was too tolerant of Catholics for their taste.

My source for the quotes is this wiki:

Wikipedia : Puritan migration to New England (1620–40)

"and they brought it with them"

More like, they came to US to start it up. In US.

3:12 Why would one not support accidental parenthood?

Yes, one thing Tea Party is right on is, criminalise abortion.

"God bless Ireland, said the heros" ... I'm obviously for the 8th amendment being kept rather than increasing excuses for killing babies before they can get born.

No, if so and so has some accidental parenthood, it's her accident, but God's plan, for the little one.

By the way, let's not make it too accidental : a father who refuses to marry someone he made pregnant (if he is free to marry) should be fined at least. Or, if pushing for abortion, put in prison.

3:29 How about more opportunities for teen agers to provide for children? More allowance for teens marrying, better opportunities for teens to get some work ...

3:51 Eliminating free education is not an excellent idea, but not having it compulsory is one.

All school shooters either were in legally compulsory education or one which was in practise compulsory to them - or had been there to shortly before the shooting.

If I'm wrong on that stat, correct me on it.

What if Klebold had been able to get a job ... before 1999.

4:02 The Saudi school - or whatever other Muslim school you showed - would in a Muslim country be as much tax funded as the nearly directly Atheist school, as it often is, is tax funded in US.

In Iran, at least Christian children are not forced to Muslim schools, I've heard.

Not that I'm a fan of a country where converts to Catholicism were just sentenced to ten years' prison.

4:14 Racial segregation - was it really Tea Party?

Thought those doing it before Civil Rights movement were Democrats?

But, OK, let's say it was Tea Party. It has other roots than just Christianity applied to politics.

4:23 Are you sure you are not misrepresenting Tea Party here?

Would they not allow Non-Profit schools in poor areas? Would they not allow a private school that usually charges tuition to not charge from a poor family? Would they not allow it to get only what they need to pay teachers and have no shareholders?

4:45 Child labour laws are a boon in cases where the child labour would be really hazardous to the health, like doing small services in big factories with hot smelting ovens or other dangerous machines.

I am reading Roots. I don't think Kunta ever heard of anyone in Juffure saying "I don't want to tend goats, I want more school" - and he had been a goat herd well before 17.

In Johanna Spyri's novel, Peter is also child labouring with goats and his mother has to be coaxed before he goes to school also - I don't think he was as unhappy with the goats as Heidi (the heroine) was in Frankfurt in the Sesenmann house. Btw, she (Johanna Spyri, not Heidi) knew something about depression. Her father was not a shrink, he lived off mainly somatic cases, but he took cases of depression, even deep depression, to live with his family - so she had observed it first hand.

I also don't think a boy of 14 minded walking with father on the business of sowing or perhaps even ploughing in the Middle Ages. You know a serf was obliged to a certain number of man-work days per year, but he need not come in person, he could send his sons. The more he had, the more leisure they had (but also somewhat less food, until perhaps a greater lot involved some more debt of man-work days).

4:58 Minimum wage ... is it equal all over US, or is it graded as per expenses for warming?

A minimum wage which is adequate for Alaska is a little fortune in San Diego. A minimum wage which is good for San Diego would freeze you to death in Alaska.

In the Middle Ages, I think there was for each line of business usually one wage for all employees, all over the companies, they had no right to compete by cutting expenses or by trying to get best workers - but that one was decided by local authorities, not national ones.

5:38 Wages and lack of instruction ... factories didn't exist in exactly that sense in the Middle Ages. Cutting corners by making a very large factory where many men could be employed "more rationally" (a k a sweated) was not a thing licit to businessmen in the Middle Ages, and when Liberalism in the 19th C. made it licit, Luddites and the similar revolt of "les Canuts" tried to stop this as not in the interest of workers - or, ultimately public.

As said, wages were regulated, locally. So was the duty of the employer to instruct school child age apprentices:

  • Catechism
  • Reading and Writing
  • the kinds of Math applicable to the trade (instead of pi, many a tradesman has learned squaring the diameter and multplying by what is really approx pi/4, namely 11/14).

So, the apprentice going to journeyman (full paid employee?) at 14 was not uninstructed and the owner had been through and the owner's son was about to go through the exact same conditions of employment as the non-owning ones. You are employed under a weaver who has 3 employees, at 14, you have one chance in three of being in business as your own man 10 years later.

You are employed in a weaving factory which has 100 employees and where owners are not former employees, you are not likely to have even 1/100 chance, rather much closer to zero, to become your own man.

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