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Was there technology used in the days of Noah?

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Alicen Lyne

Hans-Georg Lundahl
none/ apprx Masters Latin & Greek, Lund University
Answered 1m ago
Obviously yes.

Mankind has never existed without some kind of technology if that means consciously planned use of resources.

More interesting is : what was the level of technology before the Flood? Was it equal everywhere or unequal? Has the highest pre-Flood level of technology been identified by (mainstream) archaeology or not?

I hold that Neanderthals were pre-Flood, but as far from highest then technology as Chingachgook from the then technology in London or Paris. I also hold that the Nodian civilisation or post-Nodian civilisations had a technology so far not found by mainstream archaeologists.

In other words, archaeologists identifying a start of the Bronze Age as much as a start of the Iron Age do not correspond to the technology of Tubal-Cain identically, but to post-Flood recoveries of it, as copper ore, tin and iron ore were found.

Since Copper, Tin and Iron are found at different places, Tubal-Cain in order to work both bronze and iron needed fairly extensive geographic knowledge.

As someone else mentioned they didn’t have moon rockets, I agree - partly. I think a project to get them was postponed by God in Genesis 11. I think Nimrod’s model for rockets to heaven would have exploded and killed a lot of people. And that the language dispersion involved a change of culture in which that project was not any more openly talked about. They didn’t have moon rockets, like Leonardo da Vinci didn’t have air planes or parachutes : namely functioning ones (however, Nimrod is starting his project after Noah died on the chronology I go by).

In layman terms, what is the story of the Tower of Babel?

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Nathan Defa

Hans-Georg Lundahl
none/ apprx Masters Latin & Greek, Lund University
Answered Mon
Actual answer : it’s the story of a skyscraper or perhaps skyline or perhaps ziggurat or perhaps stargate or perhaps rocket NOT being built until it was finished back then, BECAUSE God after inspecting the works decided to break up mankind into different peoples unable to communicate with each other.

The words which can be interpreted in more than one way are: and a tower, the top whereof may reach to heaven (from Genesis 11:4)

Personal side note : as I am into Göbekli Tepe being the City of Babel, which was left unfinished with no further building attempts, and as nothing there resembles either a skyscraper or a ziggurat and no one would know how a stargate would look, I am into rocket version of interpretation : unlike the city, the project would not have been totally abandoned, since it has later in public been successfully resumed at Cape Canaveral and other places, and since most of known history has involved star gazing as one potential preparation for it.

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